Yoga – The most important reason to start practicing

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Yoga has become a very famous word today, it is amazing how people search for yoga to be part of their daily lives. No matter where you are from stress, if you really live in personal life or your religion, faith, or personal belief, the result is immediately noticeable, how it should be, you are on it, your honesty and permanence working with you, uses one and only element: You and Only You.

Yoga is one of the most important facts: a very true nature, which is Love, Truth, Harmony and Peace, says that we have won, we have all the elements and potential to achieve happiness. the general sense of the healthy body and the soul, rich life and prosperity and inner self-realization, the problem is that we have to break the senses that at the same time in our lives always focus on the external stimulation of our inner self. through a directed and systematic process or, in the best sense, through a directed and appropriate training. Yoga's philosophy, through its practical teachings, forces mankind to focus on the fullness of life on a variety of aspects, such as our body, mind, mind, emotions, ego and soul, which follow different strategies at each level.

Our body is the most tangible and brutal element in starting the self-development process, yoga says that proper nutrition based on the introduction of pure foods, natural and homeopathic body cleanliness, harmonize our body with its own harmonic rules and bio rhythms it almost always changes and is dissociated with proper nutrition, stress, depression, sadness, pollution, drugs, alcohol, tobacco, and so on. it is a very recommended cleaning program to start in a very good naturalist clinic or resigned naturist complex. Of course, the previous council is highly recommended, but not a prerequisite for practicing yoga; you can start training at any time.

With our bodies, mind is also a very important thing to analyze. In that light yoga says that a physical problem is not as important as a mental problem because sometimes people lose their hands or one or two legs and continue to live and benefit the society. But if you lose your mind, you are in a very difficult situation.

The body and the mind are very different, there is a difference between their vibration frequency. First, the physical body is much thicker, its elements are gross and organic. The mind-creating material is very delicate. If thinking is clear, there is less chance of mistakes. When a person's mind is confused, the same thoughts are beginning to capture our lives like a prisoner in a cell, this is the top of many diseases. At this point, the mind will be very weak, and since the cushions are turned on, if it starts to subtract it, the situation is deteriorating. Drugs and many medicines prescribed for mental illness are much more polluting the body and the mind, so it becomes a vicious circle. In this state of despair, if a person does not know the techniques for strengthening the mind, the disease gets worse. We need to learn how to align the harmony between mind, body, and mind. If the mind is ill, though the physical body works properly, it is getting worse over time. So we can see that the influence of our mind is very strong on the physical body. This is called psychosomatic illness, psychosomatic disorders, or psychosomatic illnesses.

We have to be aware that the mind is better than the senses. Because if the perception of vision and hearing is not working well, but the mind is right, the individual can live normal. But when the mind fails, but all its senses are good, the individual can not simply go on. Consequently, we need to be aware of our consciousness, because when it becomes ill, it affects the whole body. One step is to eliminate the illness associated with body detoxification. To achieve this, we must follow full vegetarian and natural nutrition when we feed low-quality materials, cause various types of illness and organ dysfunction, causing serious painful illnesses such as a new car when low-grade oil and gasoline

Yoga's philosophy includes many techniques it provides us with the help of our body, mind, mind, emotions, ego or soul. Yoga is a very powerful technique, very simple, yet essential, so simple that even a 6 year old child can exercise. This technique is called Mantra yoga meditation, this technique will automatically detoxify and purify the whole system by activating automatic, inactive and resting levels, becoming conscious and conscious at the beginning of unconscious theoretical levels. By practicing this technique, you will find quick results, and individuals do not have to wait. Of course, following the instructions, as always, the technique does not succeed.

The inactivation process of these inactive levels results in complete detoxification and purification of the entire system, thereby strengthening the mind, thus, with pure theory, practitioners begin to think positively and grasp the best ideas, analyze things lighter, even more peaceful and calm, peaceful, more relaxed and will sleep better, these results are immediately noticeable.

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