Yoga – The Facts

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What is yoga?

Yoga is a gentle exercise that consists of poses, projections and breathing techniques that strengthen the boom, thigh, thigh, back and pelvic muscles, improve flexibility and help relax.

Who is good at yoga?

Yoga for all ages, mobility and fitness levels is good because it is slow and gentle, with low risk of injury. Health Benefits are endless and can help in the following:

Stress, hypertension, headache, insomnia: Yoga is particularly beneficial for people with stress and stress, for deep relaxation, which reduces heart rhythm and breathing.

Asthma: Breathing technique and stretching open the lungs and improve breathing.

Joint Pain, Back Pain: Yoga relieves joint pain by improving flexibility, mobility and muscle strength around the muscles.

Depression: Yoga promotes self-confidence and elevates the mood to fight depression.

Digestive Disorder, Constipation: Twisting massage the digestive internal organs.

Memory and Concentration: Yoga can improve concentration, so it's great if you want to keep your brain.

Detox: Breathing technology, stretching and sweating help everything in body detoxification.

Yoga Types

Finding the right search can be complicated. It's important to know about your limitations and to start off with something easy, while your flexibility and strength improve with your experience.

The main forms of Yoga:

Lightweight: Hatha: Yoga's most prevalent form focuses on posture and breathing and is great for beginners.

Bikram: Also known as Hot Yoga, and is taking place in a heated studio. It gets rid of toxins in the body and is excellent for beginners as heat makes it easier to penetrate into positions.


Ashtanga: Hatha Yoga is a fast-paced style and is good for weight loss and increases flexibility and strength.

Vinyasa: Like the Ashtanga, this style has many strokes and a wide variety of postures and stretches. It's great to have a bit more workouts.


Iyengar: Another form of Hatha Yoga. It encourages the use of yoga props for the perfect pose. It's tougher than other shapes and is best for those who are more experienced in Yoga, though they can be sure of the beginner.

How long does it last?

The lessons only last one hour and one and a half hours so you can easily fit into your day and then you will be so relaxed.

Where can I do it?

Find your local class at at .

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