Yoga Teacher Training: Am I Too Old Is A Yoga Teacher?

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Too often, middle-aged or older students are asked to become a yoga teacher: "When is the best time to become a yoga teacher?" Do you have the time window for this opportunity and a younger yoga instructor who teaches yoga better?

Some of these veteran yoga students have decades of experience, but "young hard bodies" intimidate them. This is a deep issue, so we look closely at what keeps back a few of yoga teachers.

The following three questions are worth mentioning at this point:

1. Hatha yoga is a strictly physical exercise?

2nd If Hatha Yoga was a training class, the "coach" value should be noted.

3rd There are so many yoga students over 40 who are looking for a well-informed, mature and careful yoga teacher.

Hatha Yoga is a strictly physical exercise? No – Hatha Yoga covers mental, intellectual and emotional aspects as well as physical aspects of life. The audience attacked on the cover of papers with perecenzans (animals).

If you've never learned yoga, you may not know better, but I was surprised when a student with ten or more years of experience still sees asana the hatha yoga "sacred gage". Asana is very valuable but does not hat Hatha Yoga.

Pranayama (the fruit of the passage of vitality) is the ruler of body, mind, spirit, and emotions. Pranayama regards all aspects of existence as healthy, and Pranayama controls a number of asana techniques. If you can not breathe well, the performance of the asana can be very frustrating – foldable, balanced or twisted. Pranayama mudra (gestures) and bandha (locks), nadis (energy channels) and meditation are much stronger.

However, Pranayama is not the only aspect of Hatha Yoga. This is just one of the many aspects mentioned in the Hatha Yoga Pradipika. Maharishi Patanjali mentions eight limbs within Yoga Sutra. Asana is only one of the eight limbs of yoga, but asana is visible and can be done to impress the public.

Would the audience have fascinated Samadhi (the mind-set mind)? You already know the answer. The public are impressed by the outstanding aspects of yoga, but yoga is much more important.

If Hatha yoga is simply a training class, then a "coach" value is still worth remembering. The definition of "teacher" in most languages ​​is "The one who was there before".

If you can teach a yoga student how to do the asana technique correctly, but you do not know how to do the same asana perfectly, this is part of the teacher. The fact that you understand mechanics like anyone else.

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