Yoga – solving insomnia

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At one time or all of us, they all suffered from insomnia for any reason. There are times when sleep loss can not be helped, for example: loss to a loved one, divorce and loss of work.

These are serious crisis situations in life where we have to allow time to recover and try not to disintegrate in the process. Some of the following solutions help insomnia, but do not cure pain.

However, if you stay awake at trivial things, these solutions will help you enjoy a good night's rest. Keep in mind that not every solution works for everyone, so try the simplest ideas and fit into lifestyle.

Do you have one or more problems in your mind that bother you at bedtime? If so, write it down and leave it on the kitchen table where you sit in the morning. This is a sort of divide, where the subconscious mind strives to resolve, and you and your conscious mind get the necessary rest.

You'll be surprised what's going to happen the next morning. The problem is far less important, or the subconscious has found the solution. This technique is so powerful that many successful people use it, even if it is not really a problem. It keeps you daily and can be better achieved in life.

This leads to the next idea to create a daily routine. Your body has a natural cycle and most of us ignore it. Modern people are much more enthusiastic about their body than ever, so we have to go back to the basics and plan a schedule for every task – including sleep.

You have to practice every day, but practice practice has to finish two hours before bedtime. This allows the body to "cool down" the mind. If you can practice the day before, you can free it.

Exercise gives you extra energy during the day and helps you get good night's sleep when you need it. If you do not exercise, do not feel alone, but take action. The gentle yoga posture is a good way to get started.

If you find the right yoga teacher, you will learn the controlled pranayama, stage relaxation and meditation. All effective methods are before bedtime. You can always exercise controlled breathing, whether by stage relaxation or meditation. Some practice theatrical relaxation in bed and fall asleep in the process. This is not a bad thing if your ultimate goal is to fall asleep. Let's look at some other ideas like alcohol and hidden caffeine. Alcohol has a way to fall asleep, but night sleep often stops. It is a proposal if you enjoy drinking: a drink; preferably wine, while eating.

Caffeine in coffee, in many teas, in many spirits and in many other drinks. Drink water later in the day and pass your body away from caffeine.

Here are some things to do before we go to bed: Eat is very easy, reading a book about something peaceful and showering or bathing. You do not have to do everything, but one of the above ideas will work for you.

Sweet dreams.

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