Yoga Position – What Do All Types Do?

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I often wondered what the yoga position was all about, so I was looking for things. All yoga positions help to develop strength and flexibility. Yet the yoga position you are doing is very special.

Standing Positions

There are many poses and help to align your feet and body. This kind of yoga position is especially useful for improving posture. Standing poses strengthen your legs while increasing the flexibility on your legs and hips. They add to the agility of the neck and shoulders and increase the flexibility of the pool and lower back. One of the Most Essential Positions in the Mountain Pose


These poses help to increase the flexibility of the hip and lower back while strengthening the back. Flexibility is added to the hip, knee, ankle and groin for the back and elasticity. They also stimulate deeper breathing, which contributes to being calm and peaceful.

Forward Curves

This kind of yoga position helps to provide the lower back and the thighs. The front bends allow tension on the back, neck, shoulders, and increase the elasticity of the spine. They often promote the feeling of calmness. Curves are particularly cumbersome as I have large lymph nodes due to an old gymnastics injury. This is the yoga position where I often use a strap, such as a strap or a block.

Back Bends

Open your chest, your ribs and your hips. They strengthen their arms and shoulders while at the same time increasing the flexibility on their shoulders. They help relieve tension from the front and hip of the body and increase the stability of the spine. Always have to turn corners to complement curves to balance your body.


Although balance poses challenge, I find these are the most beautiful poses. They help to develop muscle tone and coordination, as well as strength and agility. They help you improve your posture because you really have to stretch your back to prevent yourself. This kind of yoga position helps to raise consciousness in the center of attention; if attention, if you do not focus, will not be able to pose.


I like to twist it. The bolts release stress on the spine and increase the movement of the shoulder and hip. They also help alleviate back pain by stretching and opening the back muscles. I often experience tension on my back, and twists will help get rid of this area. It is important that you always turn around on both sides of the body to ensure alignment and balance.

Closer and Prone Positions

Sloping poses are on the back. They help to provide abdominal muscles, open your hips and increase spinal cord mobility. They release tension, strengthen the back, arms and legs.

The poses look to the floor. They strengthen their arms and back and open their hips and groin. They reduce tension and increase flexibility in the backbone. One of my favorite moods is the extended seal, because I find it very relaxing and helps to shrug my shoulder and my upper back.


This kind of yoga stance is about developing strength and endurance, especially in the upper body. It also increases blood circulation because, because your feet are higher than your heart, it reverses normal blood flow. Inverting helps to get your fluid out of your feet and feet, so you should do a good job after you have been up for a long time. The advanced translation requires great strength and alignment and can only be learned under the guidance of a credible teacher. Glaucoma, pregnant women and men undergoing menstruation must prevent inversion poses.

Relaxing Poses

Relaxing poses usually end at the end of the yoga exercise. They open the mind and body and encourage a deep feeling of relaxation. This kind of yoga position is often one of the most challenging pose, especially for the West, who often find it difficult to go. One of the most respected recreations is the Corpse Pose.

There are hundreds of yoga, and they all offer wonderful benefits to your mind and body. By understanding each type of yoga position you can choose a well-rounded practice with asan of each type or those that meet your body's needs at any time.

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