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If you've been watching from far away, that yoga posing, you think that this is the last day of distortion. It may be bad, wise people who have long realized that they can easily and reliably make their bodies healthy, literally fit.

Yoga poses are the best way to keep the body flexible, elastic and toned without affecting the body massively. There is a certain delicacy in the ancient Eastern system of posture, which holds a harmony with nature.

Modern lifestyle dampens physical and mental health. Hypertension and diabetes are common diseases and beneficiaries are pharmaceutical companies. The resources to be delivered on other production channels will lose the tired body, which prolongs early aging and many diseases.

Yoga has many dimensions
Yoga is a word entity. This meant a whole physical, spiritual, and spiritual practice developed by ancient Indian lawgives as a means of realizing God and united (in Sanskrit, ie yoked) to Him. Yoga in the forests and in the mountains made strict meditation routine and was less dressed, they supervised indoor exercises known as "yoga poses". or "yogasanas" to be healthy and clear in their bodies and willing to become ready to meditate.

Yoga postures have been separated from the rest of mental and spiritual exercises over the years and become popular in fitness yoga. , people from yoga poses come from the benefits of yoga like a concentrated mind, self-discipline, complex temperament, and a healthy lifestyle.

There are hundreds of yoga poses. They have an interesting name like Red Indians, who have called themselves Sitting Bull or Galloping Horse.The poses contain bear names such as The Boat, Crow, Peacock, Lotus and so on.The last is the report in which the Buddha is placed This yogis Thoughts of legs and feet, thighs with thumb and index finger up, turning the spine and neck up, his eyes lightly closed, and his normally outgoing mind gathered and centralized – this is the final resting place and inside.

Yet, before we reach this inner calm, we slowly acquire the body by regulating various poses and breathing called pranayama. Respiratory regulation means energizing the body, and the gradual slowdown in breathing says it reduces the frequency of thoughts, which is a necessary prerequisite for meditation.

Yoga between bats
There is a familiar joke about the bats in a cave. They all hanged upside down as they used to. But apparently a bat was standing on his feet. When the other bat asked him why, he replied: "I am a yoga!" This bat is the pair of people who are happy to make the headband a difficult but very effective pose for stimulating blood circulation throughout the body. The modified and lighter version, "all limb pose", is also recommended for all ages.

In a sense, yoga poses are for people who want to be and dare to be different and carry on what their inner being and instinct make. The body is treated with respect and dignity, not iron and muscle and nervous system. In the latter case, we see these people who break their health when they stop these heavy exercises.

Tips for Beginners
Starting Yoga poses is simple. But caution is needed.

· Please do not learn from the books. Man can not be a guru (teacher) in yoga asa, pranayama, or meditation and may be even worse. I'm looking for trained, committed, professional teachers.
· If you have any illness or physical disabilities, ask your doctor and your yoga instructor for medical advice on what postures fit your physical condition.
· Age is no obstacle to practicing yoga poses. You do not have to strike to do it.
· Yoga instructor will tell you what kind of yoga supplements and accessories you need. Your dress should be comfortable enough to bend and bend freely.
· Like all other exercise, yoga poses are very easy to gastric and should never be taken after a meal.
· Strong time is needed for domestic practice to improve orderliness and discipline
· Such discipline does not follow habits like smoking and drinking that have exhaustive effects on the physical system

The ultimate test
] Final test of all workouts: Do you feel fresh and energetic or tired and exhausted? Yoga represents this test in flying colors.

Overall, the normal practice of yoga creates suspicions, lifts bodies, disciplines his mind, and teaches the will to adapt to self-correcting habits and lifestyles and raises one perspective on the existence of a higher and noble level.

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