Yoga: Poses and postures

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Yoga has become a very popular movement, however, some styles focus primarily on the physical work of the back body. For example: The most important yoga in this case differs from the rest and remains the most important yoga poses for another type of yoga. There are also some very difficult to concentrate on other styles of yoga, which are designed to stretch and strengthen other specific parts of the body, as well as many who run the whole body, and the left and right body are yin and yang.

There are special Yoga poses in the floor for parts of yoga practice as well as the more familiar standing Yoga poses.

One of the most respected types is permanent yoga who learns yoga about the so-called tree balance. In this balance you are:

1) Prepare, as always, by checking posture and lifting through the trunk, pushing your shoulders.

2) Keep an eye on an object diagonally or straight forward to the whole pose.

3) Stand with your feet.

4) Raise up to the bullet of your feet.

5) Pull the weight back on his heel.

6) Fix your right leg and set your left leg slowly upwards with your feet flat, toes, rest on your right thighs.

7) Your arms slowly rise to the prayer position: both palms meet directly above the top of the head – the whole body fits perfectly. Encounter over the crown cracks and lengthen the body over the length.

This posture has many benefits. It results in remarkable balance and grace.

The posture requires balance, concentration and focus – Yoga's fundamental lines – both intellectual and physical in the yoga poses. The tree balance is one of many yoga boots where the most important thing is to relax and clear your mind. Without thinking of the difficulty of pose – the liberation of tension – this mental aspect of many complex positions – without which many yoga means practically impossible to keep.

This is one of the best-known yoga postures. But there are many. Including, as I mentioned earlier, many floor yoga. Focus and breath – you stay in any of Yoga.

Exploring the floor Yoga is an example of a snake:

1) Sit in her stomach with her hands on her shoulder.

2) Raise your arms and focus – as if your eyes were part of the arc.

3) Focus on pushing the pool toward the floor – it will pass through your back.

4) And hold her shoulders like any yoga pose.

Do not forget that all yoga poses are held. It does not just reach the posture. Instead, it reaches and stays there – thirty seconds, minutes, and so on. Holding, breathing, asana and pranayama, this balance is obtained. In every yoga post you will find that you can open it any more and further. There are many other yoga poses and techniques out there – find the perfect kind of yoga for you!

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