Yoga Pose – Introduction to the Different Positive Poses

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Yoga from ancient times is practiced by various wise men. Today you will see the anger we have created to create this modern form. Yoga in the old society nursed young people, children, and celebrities, all in the yogic passion.

Most thoughts are just a glitter, and for some of them this is a passion and a form of regular practice can not live without it. There are several benefits to doing Yoga. To reduce body fat to regulate blood sugar and cholesterol, yoga has great health benefits.

If you are interested in yoga and want to take advantage of the enormous health benefits it offers, here are the poses you can try: [a] Tadasana Mountain Pose – step:

1. Stand Up With Legs

2. Spread toes

3. Lifting the Knee Protection

4. The femur should raise the sternum from the base of the vertebral column with the back and tail bones

5. Make sure your shoulders and arms are down

6. Now let's breathe and keep the situation around. For 20-30 seconds.

b) Balasana Child Pose – step:

1. Open Your Heart and Relax

2. Breathe and stretch the spine

3. Breathe again and keep it around. For 40 to 60 seconds.

c) Uttanasana Forward Bending – Steps:

1. Blow and bend to the wall

2. Fit your legs under every hip

3. Hands must have hips

4. Inhaling and Lifting Sitting Bones

5. Now let's breathe and stretch the elbows, the spine, the elbows, the pits of the pits and the bones

6. Breathe and hold for 30 to 60 seconds.

d) Varkasana Tree Pose – step

1. Drag your left muscles to the bone

2. Bend right foot

3. Now push the leg and the thigh together

4. Knee Bend Back and Down Balance

e) Marjarasana Cat Cow – Steps:

1. Hold your hand under the shoulders and put your upper lip under the shoulder

2. Now inhale and raise your head and bone bones. Concave the Back

3. Pull and bend the bones of the bone, round backwards and downwards.

4th Movements are inflexible without restriction

5. Always start from the pool.

6th Breathe and repeat the asanate approx. 10 times.

f) Pavana Muktasana small boat pose – Steps:

1. Release your knees on your chest

2. Rock Side to Side and Massage Your Back

3. Breathe and adhere to this situation for approx. For 40 to 60 seconds.

g) Vajrasana Extensive puppy pose – Steps:

1. Let's start with the hip with knees and arms.

2nd Now drag back halfway back to the calves when you stand with your palms and press down to the floor to stretch the spine and muscles. Breathe and hold for 20-30 seconds.

4th Keep the tension back when you gradually move to the child's pose.

h) Jathara Parivartanasana Landing Screw (Crocodile Screw) – Steps:

1. Lying on the left and placing your right leg on your left knee

2. Now jump back to your hips to align your hip.

3rd Inhale and lift your right arm above the head and screw it to the right when exhaling.

4th Keeping the distance between the knee and the shoulder at the same distance from the floor

5. Long, smooth breath should be taken to open ribs and elongated spine

6. Breathe and hold it in position for 40-60 seconds. Repeat the second page.

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