Yoga or Pilates – Which Is Better For Me?

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Good questions. From my own experiences and research, it would be like asking:

Drum Machines Vs. Drums I use?

Well, a quick observation shows that one has to come from the other. In this case, Pilates comes from yoga or yoga-esque principles and methods, so it suffices to say what may be the FIRST CHOICE, NEEDS, TIME, PREFERENCE, AND FITNESS LEVELS [19659002] Now, two:

What is Pilates?

This is a training system developed by Joseph Pilates at the beginning of the 20th century, which strengthens muscles, increases flexibility and improves general health. Workouts are mainly done on carpet and specially designed equipment. The Pilates system includes the exercise of all parts of the body and all the activities of the applications.

It is worth mentioning that Pilates focuses primarily on preserving the body's strengths and extending the spine. In addition, many dancers practice this practice and deserve to know very well (especially in recent decades) about the effect of body shaping. Needless to say, in co-operation with yoga, there is a long way to growing physical training.


What is Yoga?

Boy, boy?

I think about weight-weight exercises, which is NOT Yoga, or at least yoga-esque, should be the question. Okay, I have it for me, yes, I rely more and more on this practical system. Well, Foras, can you tell us why?

Of course …

Yoga is a scientific system of physical and mental exercises that started in India more than three thousand years ago. At the same time, the word yoga in Sanskrit yuj means that it is trying or bound, and is often interpreted as a "trade union" or disciplinary method. The ultimate goal is to merge man with God or the universe in a breath. In addition, it is the goal of liberating the spirit, as both mind and spirit are involved in their practice.

Needless to say, yoga is actually the world's oldest existing physical culture. By systematically and scientifically proven path to physical fitness, it delays aging, rejuvenates and improves appearance, maintains flexibility and increases vitality and the creative part of life. Yet, having said everything and ready, like drums, drum machines, yoga and pilates, they can all be independent, interdependent, or whenever needed, they can be exchanged for exclusive or combined use.

This does not mean that neither is better than the other, I think, prefer preference. However, for drums that will never get out of style, yoga feels much more human and authentic emotions. Respiration, rest, etc. The emphasis on Pilates is missing or less widespread, although the ease, speed and efficiency of artistic form must not be ignored.

This article mentions that Pilates is often used by dancers as yoga is often used by basketball players, boxers, etc., meaning that drums are often needed or used for a song and form the music and dance basics, or both would be a wise decision. But I'm rather about yoga than just my experience, and when I do Pilates, I almost feel like I'm doing yoga, so I think I'm not just doing it.

I think I remind myself of the voice recording of my teachers who are insisting on this day to use wild bands on the drum machines for the "authentic" feeling. So yes, I left it, I go yoga, it works for me, what pilates do and many more, but diversity, the spice of life, as they often say, Pilates here and there does not hurt and can help a lot. However, because of the apparent similarities between the two practices, it is sufficient to say that certain guidelines have to be observed in their implementation.

Helpdesk useful for the person concerned is available:

• Yoga positions should not be completely stomached. Wait at least 3 hours after a meal. Personally, I think it's best for yoga on the first morning.

• If possible (and probably try to use barefoot). Or, in the worst case, the socks or non-slip shoes were advertised. I, the old school … barefoot!

Okay, Nude Yoga is a good idea. I will go so … hmm, no! However, as few clothing as possible should be the "dress code" for yoga, so you can move freely.

• As the Father of Naturopathy, Prof. Ehret recommended in his books, always try an OPEN window before. So please make sure the room is ventilated.

• You do not compete with someone to take it slowly and safely. So there is no tension, does not hold the poses beyond the physical strength level; All right … buddy.

* Try to entertain everyone; everything in life.

Well, if you decide to use "drum machines" (Pilates) or "drums" (yoga) until you get the desired sound (fitness), their interchangeable use would be delicious.


Foras Aje

PS: I'd rather "throw" !!!

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