Yoga Mats and beyond

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Yoga mats are in fact a basic equipment or tool that people use because it is the only device that has the same practice. In antiquity yoga was practiced only on hard ground, tiger skin, or hides. Yoga mats have evolved with the changing times, as people are connecting the comfort factor these days. In fact, the options currently available on the market can put the buyer in a dilemma.

As we have already pointed out, yoga practitioners themselves do not know that there is more to a yoga mat than the color available. When choosing the right yoga mat, many important features should be considered.

Various Aspects to Consider:

The carpet structure is extremely important, just as any other form of exercise, yoga balance, strong hold and grip itself. In addition, comfort is a prerequisite for the positivity required by the form. Of course, in this context, comfort only means what support or pillow the user gives to the floor. There are plenty of options and the right texture for your needs.

The material and thickness of the yoga mat are also a large part of the characteristics, since the thickness determines the pressure limit of the carpet. The intensity of the exercise if you obviously need a thicker mat. There are too many possibilities for the material, and some examples are PVC (standard carpet), jute, natural cotton, organic cotton, natural rubber or even hemp. In addition, the material must be non-slip and have sufficient transaction without which yoga would be unthinkable. Light weight can be another aspect. There are carpets on the market that have extra cushioning to provide extra comfort.

The standard size of the carpet is 24 inches wide, 68 inches long, but custom sizes are always available. The size should always be such that it can accept the entire body length during asana / positions. Professionals are always happy to see additional benefits such as moisture absorption, biodegradability of material, customized designs that provide a better experience.

Like everything, it comes with a price so yoga mat. Ordinary carpets are very reasonable, but expensive carpets exist and people invest in it. In any case, the primary purpose of providing good support and adhesion is to ensure that yoga poses can be conveniently transported. So there are more yoga on the carpet than its color, and the customer has to choose the right carpet, taking into account their preferences and expectations.

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