Yoga for brain injury

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Yoga offers therapeutic benefits in the recovery of traumatic brain injury (TBI), concussion or head trauma. Many survivors find themselves unable to follow former forms of formal form. Imbalance, loss of motor control, dizziness and cervical injuries limit physical activity, thus limiting the already limited lifestyle. Fortunately, yoga practice adapts to any illness or injury and is particularly well served by the healing of TBI.

Where do I start? Thanks to the recent Western popularity of yoga, students can now choose between hot yoga, Kundalini and Ashtanga. In addition to head injury, those with neck or back injuries are likely to start with an Iyengar Yoga-trained teacher to use the props with the appropriate support. Kripalu's trained teachers offer more relaxed, restorative classes. Any class of yoga that emphasizes flow (not too fast) helps re-examine sequential processing – the advantage of those who have damaged their left-brain or rational sides. The vinyasa sequence combines breath and movement, emphasizing step-by-step progress in a sequence. Learning and repeating such movements will become a form of cognitive therapy.

Before starting a yoga exercise, survivors must talk to their treating staff and their yoga instructor. Most teachers ask the injuries at the beginning of the class, but few know the complexities of TBI. Explain the unusual sensitivities or limitations you experience, and ask the tutor for recommendations within your department or suggestions for where to find compatible classes. Yoga supports and nourishes growth, does not exhaust the body and the nervous system. Therefore, the survivors want to stay alongside Kundalini Yoga or Bikram Yoga, both of which offer intense training. Kundalini yoga seeks to awaken the sleeping energy potential, which is good news for TBI survivors. In fact, this can be a great help – after the neurons have stopped working on the malfunction and the "short circuit". Most of the survivors are unsure of their stamina, though they are easily over-stimulated. Kundalini yoga works well on a fine level and energy levels are more difficult to monitor. Sometimes the fast-rising kundalini is too much for a sensitive TBI survivor. Bikram yoga is in a very hot room that moves the poses quickly, which stimulates the toxins sweating. Like Kundalini, Bikram's supporters also enjoy the benefits. For hypersensitivity survivors, excessive heat, body fat and physical properties of Bikram are less safe alternatives. Initially, search for classic titles: "Recovery", "Beginner", "Iyengar", "Kripalu" and "Gentle".

Yoga Journal offers many DVDs if survivors prefer their home. Start with short sessions to create mental and physical stamina. Twenty-minute DVDs allow survivors to feel the power without the clock or watch and half-long personalities being fatigued. Downhill Dog Productions also offers Sarah Bates yoga DVD training, especially for people with disabilities. Home Yoga workouts also make the most of learning from yoga learning, as survivors can spend one or two DVDs a day, instead of paying the class each time. On the other hand, a good yoga teacher can customize routine to support survivors' own unique health challenges.

In addition to reorganizing lean, strong muscles and, of course, the spine, Yoga provides TBI survivors with a positive path to their body. Robin Cohn, the survivor of TBI, and the president of the State Brain Injury Association of New York, recognized the yoga conversion effects in her healing: "It started with a gentle beginner yoga watch, where I started to move muscles slowly, the more I went, the better I felt. , he began to co-teach yoga classes specifically designed for other survivors. "These students are so enthusiastic that they have the opportunity to practice yoga and take advantage of the wonderful benefits of asanas and pranayam … The happiness , the peace and peace that yoga brings to them is so much to give. how to be happy to practice. "

Yoga brings 5000+ years of consciousness to the human body, soul, and spirit and began to rejuvenate the endocrine system and to seduce the body to allow practitioners to meditate for a long time.These soothing, strengthening and relaxing effects are an ideal practice for TBI For survivors whose system is constantly overwhelmed, slowing down and lifting in the center can help anyone with stress, but Yoga does not only provide "normal" operation for the TBI survivors, but Yoga also provides the optimum health and wellbeing. (TBI facilitates) – Helping Survivors to Find and Evaluate the Hidden Blessings of Their Travel

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