Yoga for better sleep

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Yoga provides a perfect recipe for a good night's sleep to reduce muscle tension, slow down heart rate and comfort the driver's mind. There is growing evidence that night-time behavioral changes can make a big difference in getting a quiet sleep. A recent study by the Journal of the American Medical Association found that participants in the modification, such as learning relaxation techniques, improved their sleep as drug users.

Some yoga exercises help relieve your body and mind and get ready for sleep. Here are some postures and exercises that are particularly useful:

1) Supported forward wound

This gentle yoga posture helps relieve tension on your neck and shoulders while calming the nervous system.


o Fold the blanket and place it in a chair

o Stand with the chair facing (about 1-2 feet) parallel and slightly wider than the width of the hip width

o Place your forehead to the back of the chair with your forearm resting in the chair (with the opposing elbows on the forearm, hold it by touching the tabs on the back of the chair.)

o Place your forehead on the blankets

o Let your arms, shoulders, head and face relax completely

o Slowly and deeply breathe your mouth 12-15 breaths

o Go slowly back to your hand to help you reverse

2) Stand up on the wall [1


o Place the mattress or blanket on a wall

o Sit down on the right side of the adjacent (19659002) o Turn on the elbows [19659002] o Raise your feet to the wall as you move your head from the wall

o Place your hands on the side and close your eyes

o Move your head from side to side 4-5 times

o Rest your belly and Take a deep breath in your belly – breathe your nose

o Stay in this position for 2-3 minutes

o Get your knees on your chest and turn to the side

o When you're ready, come back sit


The child's pose relaxes his back and neck while gently stretching his spine.


o Sit back and sit back to the corner as far as you can

o Swing your hips forward and bring your upper thighs to your thighs and forehead to the floor

o Place your arms on the floor palm up to your feet

o Breathe into your belly and allow it to unfold on your thigh while breathing and resting exhalation

o Keep in this position 8-10 breaths

o Raise your upper body and return to knee

4) Membrane Blowing

Traditional yogic breathing provides natural stress relief and helps slow down the heartbeat as the membrane stimulates the vagus nerve.


o You can sit or sit on your back. As you are trying to sleep, start on your back.

o Place your hands on your belly

o Begin to breathe slowly and deeply through your nose.

o Breathe in the lower part of your lungs, inhaling your belly, rebounding to exhalation

o Let your abdomen naturally rise and lower (do not press)

o Focus on your breath to avoid other thoughts or disturbances. Complete 10-12 breaths and breathe your breath

5) Manage stress

Listen to stress levels. Excessive stress can lead to close and knotted muscles, as well as a competitive mind. The Yoga Division is an excellent way not only to relieve stress, but also to learn to treat stress levels throughout the day. Yoga teaches you in everyday life as well as in stressful times.

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