Yoga for Beginners – Glossary of Keywords in Yoga

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If you have just started yoga, you may find words or exercises that are not known to you.

The following terms are some of the popular words you can hear from a yoga teacher at yoga classes.

Asana – this yoga posture or yoga pose. That literally means that they are "permanent".

Is present – a state we are fully committed to and focus on the person or activity that you are currently attending.

Chakra – The word chakra means "wheel". In Yoga philosophy, the body consists of many smaller and larger energy centers or energy wheels. Your energy flows through these energy centers. There are currently seven major chakras: the root chakra, sacral chakra, solar chakra, heart chakra, throat, third eye / forehead and crown acara.

Chanting – Repeating the sacred words and sounds that vibrate within and around the energy centers.

Chin Mudra – a hand of mud, coupled with the thumb and index finger

Guru – Teacher

Mantra – The holy syllable, word or phrase in meditation.

Mudra – Symbolic hand gestures or posture prana control.

Namaste – A holy greeting to remember and respect the saint, the spirit in yourself and in others.

Om – sometimes Aum was written. Many yoga classes begin and end in class sitting in cross-cross, eyes closed singing Om 3 times. Om is respected as the original sound of creation. If we repeat, we really align ourselves with the spirit of creation.

Pranayama – breathing control, breathing

Shanti – peace

Spiritual – the soul or soul

Surya Namaskar – sunset

Yoga – Union to the Yoke

who Exercises Yoga

I hope these expressions are useful in deepening yoga understanding.


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