Yoga for Beginners – Basic Conditions of Health Care

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Yoga teaches us how to maintain harmony between different forces acting on our body. In the event that we do not take care of our body, yoga will show us the way to restoring our health by guiding our mind and body. We take our bodies in our hands. There are some yoga basics that should be followed when practicing yoga.

Regular Practice Do yoga regularly, even if you are doing yoga asana or pranayama one day. So you have to decide how much time you spend on daily yoga and then follow it strictly. Beginners should not make very ambitious plans as yoga requires patience. Set realistic goals and achieve them, provide motivation to continue the yoga practice. For beginners, 30 minutes and one hour of yoga practice are appropriate. Do not expect miracles from day to day. Do not bother yourself while doing asanas. Yoga progression depends on age and health when starting yoga. One month of yoga practice shows positive results for most beginners. Practice yoga in a beautiful and well-ventilated room when placing a yoga mat on the floor. If weather is pleasant, yoga exercises on lawn early in the morning can be a wonderful experience.

Yoga Exercise Time We recommend that you have a fixed time each day to practice yoga. 1-2 hours before sunrise is the ideal time to practice yoga as the oxygen content is high and there is no confusion. For your convenience yoga can be practiced even in the evening if you are not too tired. Do not eat anything three hours before yoga.

Provide the right diet. Make sure you have plenty of nut, fruit, salad and leafy vegetables. Chew your food properly. Do not be hasty with meals. Avoid drinking tea or coffee if possible. Determine yourself with up to two glasses of tea or coffee daily. Reduce sugar intake, avoid rusty foods and pre-meal foods. Avoid tobacco as it breaks the benefits of pranayama. Try to avoid alcohol. You should strive for a gradual change of diet and quality of life.

Avoid constipation. Constipation is one of the diseases that can prevent you from enjoying the benefits of yoga. Drink sufficient amount of water and contain enough fiber in your meals to avoid constipation. Your stomach needs to be yoga before yoga is exercised.

Yoga's Mind Frame Try to keep your mind cool and relaxed. Yoga practice is not complete when the mind wanders. Most asanas are concentrated on the part of the body that is affected by asanas or breathing. A peaceful mind is vital to achieving perfect health, strength and vitality.

Basically, yoga practice involves the following aspects:

  • Retention of senses.
  • After a simple diet.
  • Control the mind.
  • Proper breathing and rest.
  • Regular exercise.
  • Regular Meditation.
  • A continuous introspection to identify the weaknesses of self-development.

Do not forget to lie down in shava asana for 5 to 10 minutes after yoga practice

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