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Most people who regularly practice yoga have issues like "How do I do yoga exercises daily?" Or, "How can I spend time on training, yoga every day?" The most popular is "How to be flexible enough for yoga exercises?" Sometimes certified yoga teachers are not able to complete a yoga session. I suggest a few simple methods of practicing yoga every day without giving too much time and energy to your daily routine. Here are some of the ways anyone can enjoy the inner peace, focus and peace that a yoga meditation session can provide at any time and anywhere.

first Start the morning to check your consciousness and body consciousness before you get out of bed. You can stay and slowly become aware of your whole body, starting from your feet and moving all the way to your head, knowing your whole body and reading yourself. This allows you to see if any part of your body is rigid or uncomfortable. As you go through your day, take care of yourself, practice some deliberate moves to relax your company.

2nd Exercising palm trees or mountain reports ("Tadasana") during the day will allow you to learn in-situ imbalances that can cause less discomfort, pain or pain. Palm trees also have an eccentric position to raise awareness of mind and body; this is the foundation of all the asanas.

• Stand with your feet.

• Breathe and lift your arms to the sides and above your head.

• Take two deep breaths.

• Stretched hands, wrists, shoulders, chest, legs and slowly rising to their toes.

• Feel the whole body.

• Keep the asana for at least 30 seconds.

• Try to keep your eyes closed or open your eyes halfway to balance.

• Repeat this asana at least three times.

This asana helps to increase height and bring balance, happiness and joy in your life. The importance of palm trees can also help improve posture during the day.

3rd Take a second to be aware of breathing. This allows you to relax your mind and feel at the moment. Even 3 to 4 breaths can carry a calm and simultaneous energy feeling. Try these deep breaths when you experience stress, frustration or focusing. We recommend working a few minutes before practicing these deep breaths. It allows you to leave the problems, stress or frustration you may have experienced when you get into your workplace and leave any stress you may have before a long day.

Try these simple exercises every day or even a few. Minor changes carry the greatest changes in your life and yoga practices.

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