Yoga: Due to early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction

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People in the present generation are more dangerous than older generations. In almost every area, there is inevitably a high level of competition that captures people while trying to compete. The result of this stress has a negative effect on our body system. It causes anxiety and related illnesses. This ultimately affects the health of the younger generation. The most common cases are related to sexual problems. Some people suffer from infertility while others have early ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

The good news is that all of these problems can be solved with consistent yoga practice. Yoga for one day is enough to complete the body and mind. It also helps to enhance the body's positive energy, which the body remains healthy and energetic. Let's take a look at some of the yoga poses that may help in overcoming premature ejaculation and erectile dysfunction.

Sarvanga Asana

As its name suggests, the sarvanga is the organ of all sanskrits. It's a yoga asana or shoulder stand that has an impact on the whole body. This is to provide posture, sexual vitality and a healthy reproductive system. To do posing, one should lie down in the back and the arm close to the body. You should lift your legs with straight knees while breathing. Make sure you hold your hip with your arm and try to lift the body to the fullest possible extent.


Kandasana yoga is considered to be the most effective bargain for dealing with sexual problems. Kadasana helps lower body flexibility and lower joint pain. To carry this yoga boom, sit on the floor with your leg. Fold your feet on your knees and hold the front of both feet and then pull them towards the body.

Eke pose

This is a special pose, an excellent yoga pose that is capable of accommodating abdominal organs. It also extends the shoulders, soothes the brain and regulates the symptoms of menopause. The plow also helps to improve our digestion. Additionally, you can extend the shoulder strap to get into the plow.


This is another very effective yoga pose. Tuberculosis not only helps to combat early ejaculation but also a warning mind. The most important thing in yoga practice is consistency. Choose a comfortable time to practice without thinking about any kind of inattention or other thoughts. Additionally, if we are new to yoga practice, it is advisable to look for a qualified teacher who instructs and directs the job.

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