Yoga and Love – Part I

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The tales of love surround us. Popular songs, love movies, romantic novels, grocery tabloids – all "love" sellers. Still, these star-eyed dramas really represent the way with surprising and chaotic emotions? Passion and courage, jealousy and bondage – can these be love? Do they actually reduce the Spirit's expansive love to seize, grasp the desires of the ephemeral flesh?

To really love, we must throw away common concepts, leave the appearance of love, and discover where true love is. Then we will find that although true love is freedom, popular love styles are gilded bondage. I know this from my own experience: When I first loved when I was nineteen, every time my loved one started to return to America, something was pulled out of my body.

I walked around for a few months, hit walls and drove through the sidewalks. In the rare moments when I was not obsessed with my love, my thoughts were fuzzy, and my actions were weak. For four years, I wrote at least one letter a day, spending with my heart and romantic thoughts. I would love her and I needed her in return; only felt full then. People thought of me as romantic – passionate, loving and wonderful. But this intense need, this desperate desire, was not at all amazing! That was pure powerlessness.

Emotional craze of love is completely alien to true love, an unintentional, liberating hug. When we really love it, there are no attachments. We're not expecting anything. Love is just joy.

What is this rare love? How to find it? Are we ready for it? Isn't it easier to discard this as a New Age hoopla and return to the well-known mediocrity, things, passion and pain, love and frustration, desire and despair? Still, when we take a break when we listen deeply, our hearts tell us that we are tired of the old game, that there are many more.

Aadil Palkhivala Copyright 2008

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