Yoga and integrity

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Yoga often is "unity". The roots of integrity are Latin words, "integrity" and "integrity," which are called "whole" or "full". If you practice yoga practice, then you need to be aware that we strive to improve all existence in every area of ​​existence.

Two different cultures (Latin and Indian) approached a similar concept as a way of life. When we are thinking about integrity, we often think that we will take the right action, even if it is unpopular. Historically, it's the right thing to do your life. In some parts of the world, you risk your life to talk about peaceful coexistence with other cultures.

Unfortunately, men and women of peace were our martyrs. Consider Mohandas Gandhi, Anwar Sata, Benazir Bhutto, Martin Luther King, Jr., and Yitzhak Rabin. In each case we can not understand rationally why they have been murdered for each of them. However, we all know that peaceful conversation can endanger his life.

If you ever suddenly feel the hatred of your skin color, ethnic background, religion, or something else that makes a little different, you're not alone. At one time or another, we all felt intolerant. Intolerance, prejudice and hate crimes are always bad, but who is brave enough to say an angry mob?

In addition, all those living in democracy are extremely fortunate that we are able to express our beliefs with far less chances to sacrifice our lives. Those who live in war-torn countries see a much different world.

Those of us who are free to use yoga, "thanks to the lucky stars". Even in a free society, not everyone likes it, but many of us should not be surprised if yoga is despised. The reason is simple: Yoga allows you to see clearly, loves those who are different from you and take up peaceful solutions.

Fundamentalists unite in every way in their belief in the concept of peace. It is a fundamental argument against peaceful coexistence that the land is north and south pole and there is no need for a "gray area".

Logic says there are many earths between the two poles of Earth. Notice that the two polar opposites are both in a very cold place. The poles of our planet are like fundamentalists. The fundamentalist is much closer to the other extreme of religion or philosophy than the overwhelming majority of mankind.

The world never needed integrity, tolerance and yoga more than it is now. The reason: World peace is a real opportunity when they are all ambassadors of kindness.

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