Yoga – a natural path for a slim body

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In addition to the intellectual and physical benefits that hatha yoga offers to those who practice extreme care, they also offer practical tools such as helping us lose weight and having achieved the goal to keep it forever.

Yoga positions in Sanskrit called "aszan" are not simple physical exercises, as each of them directly has six different muscle groups, internal organs, and one or more endocrine glands. In addition, the practice of concentration of consciousness focuses on a specific part of the body and breathing, so it is extremely important to achieve the full benefits of the exercise. It is often legible that there is no yoga without concentration and this is a great truth, as despite the physical benefits provided by yoga, it is wonderful, the ultimate purpose of practice is to seek the mind.

Basically, and helps with weight loss, yoga works on glands, metabolic rate, calorie expenditure, flexibility and work on specific muscle groups. Rest and peace of mind prevents impulses from eating and being unsuitable. Let's see these topics in detail.

Glands: Certain yoga positions called "inversion postures" make the endocrine system particularly stimulate, especially the thyroid, which is key to human metabolism. Some of these asanas are the well-known "Sarvangasana canyon stand" and "Matsyana – Fish Pose". Some masters say that the thyroid gland is the body's "bull" because it is responsible for controlling the hormonal function and there before the metabolism is in perfect balance. This gland produces hormones that regulate basal metabolism, i.e. the amount of calories consumed daily by the body to maintain body functions such as breathing, digestion, waste and sleep. Yoga regularly finds the thyroid gland finds its balance, provides the hormones in the right way and helps in weight loss.

Internal organs: In addition to strengthening muscle groups, yoga postures stimulate internal organs such as stomach, intestines, and liver. By allowing natural flow of energy, assimilation, digestion and elimination functions normalize, making it easier to lose weight.

Muscle: Yoga Tone, and develops all muscle groups, builds long and thin muscles that burn calories when you relax.

Calories Burning: Unlike general thinking, a yoga class can burn 250-400 calories. Since the benefit of yoga has been rejuvenated in the body, you can exercise each day and never feel tired as in other activities. Our weight loss goal is the best time of the morning, because your metabolism activates throughout the day and burns more calories.

Peace of mind: Concentration in exercises and relaxation creates a very stable mental atmosphere that leads to more thoughtful behavior in all aspects of your life. Such an environment of physical energy and tranquility is extremely effective in avoiding bad food habits.

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