Writer Block – Simple Yoga Meditation Practice to Help Clarify Your Mind and Encourage Zone

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If you are a writer, there is a chance that writers will block sometime. Blocks of the writer are those days when you're staring at the computer or blank sheet of paper and desperately looking for ideas and inspiration. The longer you look at the empty computer screen or the notepad on the desk, the more emphasis you will get, and you will not be on it until you finally resign and say, "I'll be back tomorrow."

This behavior can create a pattern, then your heart intends to write, but for some reason it does not seem to have obtained the correct words or worse, there are no words in your mind, just a swirling butterfly ball and shopping list things you could do … If you are committed to the boat or if it's about writing hobbies, you want to reduce the passage of time that you have blocked and you do not suffer.

What can you do, writing again?

As a yoga teacher and aspiring writer, yoga meditation exercises are an ideal tool to help me get into the zone, especially on days when time is short and I feel that I have to be under pressure for writing [19659002] Meditation can reassure your mind and clear your negative thoughts head emotions. It encourages you to relieve stress, relax, dissolve your creativity and enter the zone. If your mind is calm and clear, you can focus and write more easily on your heart.

If you have the feeling and no inspiration, try the next easy yoga-meditation exercise that you can do to relieve your desk at your desk. encourage the writing of your mind and body.

Simple Yoga Meditation Practice

1. Find a quiet place where you will not be disturbed.

2. Make some gentle yoga, such as the planted forward roll or the gentle backward bends.

3. Sit on a chair, make sure your foot touched the floor, holding the back straight, and the head was high. Relax in your lap.

4. Close your eyes slowly, loosen your shoulders and your jaw. Leave your toes to relax and spread.

5. Take a few deep breaths in and out through your nose. Let every breath be deeper and longer as it breathes.

6. Spend a few moments and allow your thoughts to stop when you focus on your breathing.

7. Keep an eye on your eyes and draw attention to your forehead

8. In a dark spot between your eyes, imagine a candle that shines brilliantly.

9. Hold this image on your third eye while the flame of the glittering candle continually shines.

10. Keep your breath while breathing and exiting your nose.

11. Stay on the still image and focus on this image for 2 to 7 minutes.

12. Slowly open your eyes, take a deep breath and slowly exhale; sit for a few more minutes, observing the place quietly and quietly everywhere. So, if you're stuck and are in the writing block, you can practice this simple meditation practice. I would like to know how you got it, and how easy you found this meditation to help enter the zone.

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