Why Yoga?

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Most people in yoga are flexible and strong. Some of them are designed to strengthen some body or just be slim. Some people pretend to be a "springboard" to change their lives in a positive way.

My Story: Many years ago I was shocked at sixha yoga in the dormitory. It was in the mid-1970s.

The yoga session consisted of half an hour of unfamiliar body positions and I tried to move and keep it flexible according to the instructions. I just follow the instructor and, as he suggested, I tried hard enough (but not too hard) to adjust postures. I was a bit uncomfortable, but not too much. I think it looked a little strange, but I liked it.

Yoga session is over. At the end of the thirty-minute session, the lights darkened and we closed the corpse or the "savasana" on our back, for 10 minutes a directed "lease". Finally, we were forced to come to a sitting position where we were slowly "revived". Then in the spring I went from the gym to the home feeling so relaxed …

I had a "my experience"! The five minute walk home, the calm feeling deepened, and at the same time I became very energetic. I stopped under a tree in the yard to think about what was happening to me.

How do I describe the experiences of the moment? The leaves on the trees and the blue sky were so rich and vibrant. The people who passed through and were so enthusiastic looked around. Okay, so the world was different, no … it could not be. There was something inside me that allowed me to see the world in a new way. I felt very AWAKE, I felt very good …

There was this organic joy that was exhausted from me. I felt as if I was relying on my body, my body was built on the ground, and my soul rose. All this from my introductory yoga class. I recognized that through this experience, the whole BEING told me how much she resonated with yoga practice. I recognized that yoga is the practice of respecting me and cultivating myself as I have passed through this world.

My ongoing Yoga experience: I rarely had such a strong experience. In these years, there were thousands of supportive experiences that reinforce the continuity of their practice on a daily basis. Most days I've been doing the same as most days, or when I can put it in, it's usually a 30-minute session, five days a week.

What are the benefits and experiences that are usually (and others)?

Physics: I can better handle the pressure of my daily work or other tasks. I only have extra energy or purity, or there are currents all day and after work I find that you do not have to rest. My body feels lighter (easier) and when I bend or practice myself, I feel the difference. Others may feel me in a more favorable light.

Mental: I have more energy, so I'm thinking of more energy. Sometimes during a session when I look into a problem or problem, a change is made and the answer is displayed. Sometimes during the day the answer seems to be no different. I see links between the first seemingly unrelated events and ideas. The stress of the day dissolves into the posture. It can be a transition from work to the rest of the day. Or the Awakening From the Day of the Day

Emotional: I feel strengthened and relaxed and noticed that my feelings are more vivid. It's easier to connect to my friends and community. Maybe sometimes I have the experience during the day, otherwise I would not be able to see and connect with someone else's uniqueness or to enjoy my light and gratefulness.

Spiritual / Energy Products: Sometimes there are moments when I feel deep inside me.

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