What is yoga?

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The origin of yoga methods in the east, especially in India. India remains the only yoga power. He believed that the enlightened masters of yester years had created yogic techniques by guiding the gods. Though the subject of the book's books was written, so far these techniques have been kept secret, and the knowledge has been passed through the generations through word-of-mouth. These yogic techniques were so powerful that the depth of secrecy needed to prevent these techniques from falling into the wrong hands, which could be catastrophic.

In the previous days, a person who got to learn yoga had to sign ashram, serve the Gurut and the Ashram to the service for some time, even for years until his behavior trusts the Guru. After the student has been successful in this deep study, the student will be introduced with meditation, yoga, and restraint.

Today, however, we are lucky that the yogis became more flexible. Enlightened masters have realized that in a fast-paced world like today, the aspiring student has no patience and time to learn yoga in this way. Imagine what would happen if yoga forgot that there was little time left. The world would surely lose the great spiritual science that had a positive impact on humanity. Taking into account the situation and its outcomes, yoga focused on the development of fast methods that are suitable for the current world situation. Are Yoga Forms Effective? Yes! We all know yesterday was the car, but the planes are traveling today. Probably yoga was a bit slow but scientifically sophisticated to be fast but result-oriented today.

The idea is to teach basic yoga to everybody, and if the aspiring student successfully passes on the stage, then discover the deer's secrets. It is expected that a person who has reached the second grade will be disciplining his or her age to naturally encourage yoga secrets in the second stage.

What is yoga?
The idea is to teach basic yoga to everybody, and if the aspiring student goes through the stage successfully, discover the secrets of deer. It is expected that a person who has reached the second grade will then be disciplined enough to develop natural instincts to safely protect the secrets of yoga in the second phase.

Yoga Types:
There are many types of yoga in India. The most widespread are:

1. Raja Yoga
This is a form of yoga practicing and prohibiting Swami Vivekananda. Raja Yoga consists of the following disciples. They,

Yama – Abduction

Niyama – Religious Observations – Practical Obligations such as Study and Devotion

Integrating Physical Activity in the Body and the Body

Pranayama – For the Integration of the Soul and the Body

Pratyahara – Reversing Sensory Sensations from the Subject

Dharana – Concentration

Dhyana Meditation

Samadhi – Unconscious State

2. Kriya Yoga
Such a form of yoga involves pranayama while holding various positions and crossing its concentration in the body. Kriya yoga, found by the 2000-year-old Babaji resident, and Swami Sri Sri Yogananada, the book of Babaji, entitled Yogi's legal curriculum vitae. This book has to be read by everyone who wants to meditate.
Kriya, Sakthi Chalana Kriya has another form of Sri Sri Sadguru Jaggi Vasudev practiced and taught. This form of yoga again involves bevayama and various mudras.

3rd Hatha yoga

Hatha yoga is a preparatory yoga that strengthens the body for longer meditation periods. The hatha yoga series keeps different postures while manipulating the breathing. It strengthens the body from the inside and calms it to some extent. Hatha Yoga, if practiced in the aforementioned yoga form, is beneficial.

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