What is yoga? Why are yoga good for health?

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Yoga Origin

Yoga was born in India at least 3,000 years ago and is a discipline that uses breathing regulation, meditation and precise exercises. Yoga contains a variety of things that are particularly interesting, primarily because it promotes physical and mental well-being. The purpose of philosophy and technology is to gain increased awareness and achieve a highly spiritual enlightenment.

Initially, there are some simple basics of yoga, which are a critical part of the techniques. They are derived from Bhagavad Gita one of the most important religious texts that sets out how to get rid of worldly worries and dreams.

There are many kinds of yoga, and one of the most popular forms of the Western Hemisphere is hatha yoga, which focuses on conditioning, tone and relaxation. Most yoga positions focus on the correct placement of the body in different positions. One of the good points of yoga is the advantage of the health and well-being of the whole body.

Daily exercise improves strength, flexibility and circulation. It helps relax and increases the range of motion, which reduces muscle breakage. Many today use the most important source of exercise, and others use complementarity, such as jogging, to help strengthen a range of muscle groups.

Yoga (Yoga practitioner) believes that breathing is the relationship between body and body. Pranayama is an accurate physical exercise in which the person breathes deeply, mentally focusing on the breath as he enters and leaves the nostrils. This facilitates the individual and allows for gradual warming of the muscles. This concentration on breathing allows deep muscle relaxation, tension and calmness.

Yoga can be particularly beneficial for the elderly and people with disabilities who are cured of a disease. Nevertheless, anyone can enjoy the slow moving, exquisite physical exercise and the beneficial effects of hormone balance, reduce depression and improve strength and overall flexibility. One of the most effective things about yoga is that it is easily accessible to people of all ages and physical fitness levels.

One of the critical differences between yoga training and a typical training is at the heart of the process. While many practice courses really encourage you to move and widen your entire body to eliminate the & # 39; Things in your body, the positive thing about yoga is that there is a same unique method. It focuses on the understanding of the human body as it recognizes and works within its boundaries.

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