What Is Yoga Asana?

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Regardless of what kind of school or yoga practice we are practicing, it is unlikely that many of us are practicing yoga. Rather, we focus on the eight ends of yoga asanas.

Yoga asana is the physical condition and position of yoga that began only when he dealt with the yoga of hatha. While accurate dates are not well established, yoga has existed for a much longer time than modern asanas.

These asanas have evolved more than 1,500 years to promote physical health as part of a sixha yoga exercise. All asanas are carefully designed to focus on specific areas of the body. The specific effects of an asan are as follows:

  • Special muscle groups building strength
  • Extension of special soft tissues including muscles, ligaments and arches
  • Opening of special joints
  • Balance and concentration development
  • Massage and stimulation of internal organs

but combining individual asanas into a carefully elaborated and balanced system, sixha yoga practitioners are able to develop their entire physical body, inner body function, and spiritual purity. How Yoga Asana Works [19659002] Although yoga and asana can not be considered scientific with Western definitions, yoga masters think that asanas are developed and refined very carefully based on a number of well-established principles and health objectives

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