What is Yoga?

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As part of the Hindu religion and lifestyle, traditional Yoga philosophies require students to achieve complete peace in the body and mind through behavior, diet, and meditation. In Sanskrit the Yoga word turns into an alliance or unit.

In the United States, most people are interested in Hatha Yoga, the practice of poses (asanas), paying special attention to breathing. Practicing Asanas is the 8 "limb of yoga." Traditionally, they have practiced unity between the body and the soul, which in turn raises the spirit.

Many people are intimidated by yoga practice because of my misconceptions, which of course need to be flexible or that religious beliefs will be debated. Some are just stretching on yoga; I do it myself to reduce the intimidating factor for others. Stretching is of course included, but yoga is the practice of poses or postures, paying attention to breathing. The goal is to balance power and flexibility within the body. As far as the religious factor is concerned, although yoga is part of the Hindu religion, it is not a religion in itself, and the benefits of regular practice only reinforce and reinforce religious beliefs in my opinion, whatever it may be.

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