What is Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga?

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Vinyasa Yoga is a yoga that combines breath, motion and pose. The word Sanskrit, "Vinyasa", has many meanings; but is the most common reference to the relationship between breathing and movement. Vinyasa is sometimes referred to as Flow Yoga, which reflects the emphasis on motion or flooding between poses.

Vinyasa yoga is often considered a more sporty exercise. The pace is usually fast, so the practitioner needs to focus on breathing and movement. A common problem is that you can develop that the new student is not familiar with the series and try to keep up with the experienced students. In addition, experienced students had problems focusing on poses and can quickly and quickly go out of poses and poses. Unfortunately, it may lead to negligent, non-focussing, and in practice non-mental injuries.

Those who know the traditional practice of yoga poses (also known as Hatha Yoga) find Vinyasa a lifelike yoga practice, as breath, motion and form form continuous, fluid, dancing, moving meditation. The Sun Salutations series is the most widespread Vinyasa movement. Through the Sun Salutation series, the practitioner synchronizes the breath while passing through and posing.

What is the slow flow?

Slow Flow Vinyasa Yoga allows beginners to create their own synchronous dance while learning poses and moves, breathes and stretches between comments. Slow flow introduces the element of time into practice. A practitioner has time to assess how and when to change the position due to physical limitations or limitation of experience. The practitioner has time to take a mental part with the body as he moves in a series. The mind and body connection is one of the main goals when practicing all forms of yoga. The slowly running Vinyasa is a wonderful exercise in discovering individual limitations and learning how to move beyond bounds.

Slow Flow Yoga is not limited to beginners or physical restraints. All levels of yoga practitioners can find their personal challenges as they slowly and reluctantly pass through a series. The pace may be slower, but the challenges will be difficult. Even the most advanced yoga practitioners have to learn a lot about slow Vinyasa's reflection. Positions can be refined and strengthened without having the next step, the next breath, or the next pose. Slow flow allows man to get to know his body, create a reflective break, and create time for him to go in. Slow Vinyasa yoga is the theatrical dance of lively meditation.

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