What is a Healthy Diet?

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The food we consume is a building material needed by our body to be cured, cured and regenerated. Our bodies must be fed with proper nutrition.

The quality of the nutrients in the food depends on the quality of the food. Organic fruits, vegetables and grains are richer in nutrients and are less harmful to our environment and body.

Our body needs nutritious nutrition, nutrients that nourish our cells, nutrients that help heal our bodies from any deficiency.

We need to eat food and feed our bodies at the same time.

We need a balanced nutrition that avoids sophisticated and processed foods.

We need more fresh vegetables, more complete foods such as whole wheat dough and more full grain.

We need nutrition without chemicals or pesticides without hormones and antibiotics.

We need fresh fish rich in omega-3.

We need fresh, lean meat, organic cultivation, if possible.

A healthy diet nourishes our body and eliminates our desires.

The meal does not need a 3-course menu to be nutritious. Vegetables should also be picked up to provide the majority of minerals and vitamins. This includes fish or lean meats or nuts, which mainly provide proteins and healthy fats; Whole grains that provide complex carbohydrates and healthy nutrients.

My favorite meals are salad with various vegetables, tomatoes, cucumbers, red and yellow peppers, grilled pickled chicken breast or a little salmon fillet, or just a slice of goat cheese and some rough almonds. It's a real beast and such a colorful disc.

If you like, you can bring the herb garden to your plate. Why can not you add your favorite fresh herbs to salad and cooking? This should be your feast for your senses. What about parsley, dill, coriander, chives, cherry blossoms, oregano, rosemary?

What we drink is no less important than what we eat.

Even if we do not feel thirsty, our body needs water, clean water, fresh water. Water is more suitable for thirst.

Our body needs at least 8 to 10 glasses of water per day. If you drink coffee, you have to drink more water.

Juices and vegetable juices satisfy the thirst and provide food to our body. If you want to lose weight, fruit-bearing fruit is not enough to drink because the sugars are usually high.

Before starting a weight loss program, you should visit a healthcare professional and have to do some tests to check for any nutritional deficiency or any hormone-leveling or any other health problem that may be due to your weight gain.

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