Warning: The most important commercial psychological ability of traders

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Every traitor's mental ability that a trader can learn is perhaps the most important commercial psychological ability.

Attention comes from ancient, Eastern traditions that relate to Buddhism and Yoga. Though people associate awareness of spiritual practices, this is a practical intellectual skill that everyone can benefit from. This changes Western psychology. For merchants, attention has many important advantages. New scientific research shows that theoretical exercise can really change the brain structure Researchers have studied the gray matter of the brain to make sure it has changed after practicing the brain. Those who underwent attention during 8 weeks of 30 minutes had significant changes in the hippocampus and amygdala regions of the brain. These are brain areas that are involved in learning and memory, in emotional regulation, and in perspective.

This is the first time that research has shown physical brain changes due to theoretical practice.

There are several benefits to raising awareness for traders: We can read the market well if we are aware of it. Attention increases concentration and attention. As brain research shows, it improves memory and helps in learning. Traders can help themselves to better understand and understand the complex patterns and movements of the market through the exercise of attention.

Reduces emotional trade. Attention helps to regulate emotions. Current research suggests that the emotional center of the brain is positively influenced by the practice of consciousness. Through consciousness emotional trade and emotional differences – the trap of consistent trade – can be abolished. This is a big plus for traders.

Creating a Consistent, Precise Perspective We are currently in the consciousness of you. We see the reality clearly. Past Events (Favorable Distortion) or Forecasts for the Future have less impact on trade. They may have less influence on thoughts that cause bad commercial behavior, such as uncertainty in trade acquisition and profit cuts, for example. "The last three trades were losers, it's better to sit there" (earlier event) or "This trade looks like this can be against me, it will be better to get out" (projection of the future). Thinking can help us to develop the point that the mind says, is not related to the expectations of the trade and is often unrelated to what is eventually happening on the market.

Developing Your Preparedness

Begin the 5-10 minutes of the day aside; increase your time in practice.

  • Sit down quietly and just look at your breath. Make sure that your belly is growing and decreasing or the air flowing at the tip of the nostrils
  • Notice that the bead is several times. Going to the past or to the future. Carefully bring your mind back to the breath and the present.
  • Notice that you feel afterwards.

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