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What is Medical Yoga Therapy?

Medical Yoga Therapy is an activity where an individual practices yoga to improve health and manage health conditions.

Just a quick reminder of the WHO health definition – the state of total physical, mental and social well-being, and not just the absence of disease or disease.

To be honest, I thought yoga was just a fancy activity with minimal or no real benefits. Recent developments in medical imaging – functional magnetic resonance imaging and volume measurements – have been proven.

Several studies have shown that yoga has a great impact on our mental health. In addition, medical yoga can strengthen our deep muscles.

Do medical yoga improve sleep and reduce stress?

Medical yoga can improve brain centers that are responsible for sleep and stress relief. We see a number of observational yoga studies that basically just ask people to feel after yoga. In such studies, people say they feel better. We focus on the data.

According to the Massachusetts General Hospital study, Britta K. Hölzel et al. it has been found that stress reduction in the participants involved in the study is correlated with amygdala – the brain area responsible for emotional processing. The participants of the study had a 8-week practical program that included medical yoga and meditation sessions.

The main conclusion here – there are changes in the brain that reduce stress. Less stress leads to better sleep? Seems! At least according to the study, is elderly patients .

Yoga therapy can improve thinking, memory, and other cognitive processes?

At least according to the scientific answer yes. Medical Yoga Therapy and Meditation may increase the activity of the hippocampus – the area of ​​the brain that is responsible for memory.

It is known that relationships between neurons are stronger if activated. In addition, synaptogenesis and neurogensis have been scientifically proven

If we advance and not just look at the hippocampus, the brain volume measurement study has shown that the long-term practice of yoga meditation overall is greater brain volume and brain areas associated with long-term attention, self-control, sympathy, and perception.

Do medical yoga improve back pain?

Plate position is great for strengthening deep grooves! Before going on talking about this – call a doctor for a doctor. After a doctor has determined what the main problem of pain is – we can continue.

A short answer to this question (yes, again) – medical yoga therapy can improve your back pain. Usually, the back pain is linked to the aging spinal column and changes (as you can check the massages of the neck and why it is important) or trauma.

Pain is in general or facial features that may affect the neural roots or intervertebral disc changes that re-affect the roots of the nerve. If you have acute pain – be careful and do not do yoga. After the pain goes away and, if necessary, performed some radiological tests to find the cause – go to medical yoga therapy

Most of the yoga positions and exercises can increase the deep or the core muscle strength. So it prevents back pain in the future! Strengthening other core muscles can also reduce the risk of injury. For example, in our knees. Strengthening all small muscle around the knee joint increases stability

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