Vegetable Nutrition – Blurred Concepts of Food, Nutrition, and Health

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In this modern age we live in, it is very common to confuse reality with the facts, theories and health. Here we are, in the many epochs, we can imagine everything in our fingertips, computer science is sky-skinned and it allows us to get infinite amount of information, anywhere and anytime. Biology, chemistry, and a number of new scientific concepts, which were primarily derived from these two, brought us into a state where almost every problem could be picked up and revealed to the smallest particles known to mankind. Yet we hate it …

All of this science is in fact the physical aspect of the mind, beautiful ideas that are manifested in the physical form of the creation of human hands. The mind plays the front seat and plays the lead in this game we call our life, but our body becomes more vulnerable, introducing new, unknown risks that have become a norm in modern life. cellular radiation, air pollution, and of course my personal favorites – "food".

The term "food" is indicated by the term "quotation" to indicate the feeling of my subject, which should not be mistaken. Most grocery stores are simply not food today. Nowadays, it's a norm to pick a snack or swim with a burger bundle to fold our stomachs to get to work, and slowly, but surely, at the dawn of the industrial era, replace these products that Mother Earth has given us , and what life itself, food.

Real food, essentially fruit and vegetables, at least nutrition (as many would ask for flavor), is the basis for healthy nutrition, not because it is so important and healthy that you eat a well-balanced diet with vegetables but simply because it is a food . The rest are not food. It's hard to grasp at the beginning, running through the little cracking, that we all have the definition of food and truth on the illusion screen.

Health, True Health, can not be achieved and maintained in any other way. But what is health? Bold! Try and determine for yourself. Go ahead, buy a minute, even five, and try to write a definition that will make you feel relaxed because of the vague and illusory health.

Chinese people said "health is in the state of tao". Walk with your path, recognize yourself and allow your true colors to show. It begins with the air we breathe, the thoughts we are thinking and rely heavily on and rely on the building materials we feed. Regular consumption of well-balanced vegetables on a dietary basis is such as creating the necessary basics of mental balance, good physical sensation, happiness and well-being – the necessary basics for this … Health.

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