Train yoga to develop patience

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When you look at the list of virtues that yoga absorbs – patience is one of the many. Still, the development of patience by exercising yoga can change the quality of your life. Because of traffic jams, delays, extra paperwork, and last-second changes, many of us are irritable, but how important are they?

Here's an example: you meet your doctor, but a few minutes late. You're fighting traffic, avoiding drivers and pedestrians while breaking the speed limit. Then he invites himself to the "waiting room". After 15 minutes of waiting, an exam room waits for another 20 minutes to wait.

The end result is that you risk your life waiting for 35 minutes. If the doctor you visited was a surgeon, he might have been waiting for hours – if he was called in an emergency hospital. So he did nothing to raise blood pressure, endanger life, and endanger driving by others.

Yoga teaches us to enjoy the present moment – regardless of the situation. Plan and make delays if you have started or waiting for a while.

Experienced yoga practitioners practice Pranayama (yogic breathing techniques), or mentally carry mantra anywhere. These yogic methods do not require you to carry anything with you.

Still, you can practice Jnana Yoga (the Union, though the knowledge) with audio books, arched computer or book. All these methods will be delayed to be much more bearable and you will learn to exercise or cultivate patience while you wait.

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