Top 10 Good Salary Food Jobs

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Food industry essentially includes culinary arts, nutrition and diet, food and beverage manufacturers for food manufacturers and food processing. This article provides useful information on the 10 good paying jobs you want to look at as a career.


When thinking of food jobs, an easy chef can easily imagine. These cooks describe their primary work as a skill in all aspects of food preparation and kitchen management, ranging from menus, sorting to staff management. The salary of cooks depends on formal culinary training and work habits. Private-sector hotels and resorts, as well as private individuals, offer higher salaries for casual and institutional restaurants and cruise ships. The Executive Chef usually goes for $ 55,976 per year – $ 85,328, while Executive Pastry Chef earns $ 45,610 each year – $ 68,326 and Sous Chef $ 31,977 – $ 49,745.

Dieticians and Nutritionists

programs, supervises meal preparation and restaurant services. They often work in institutions such as schools, hospitals, health care institutions, prisons and local governments. They must be able to practice practitioners. Payments are between 45, 410 and 73 410 $.

Restaurant and Bar Managers

Restaurant managers supervise day-to-day operation in the kitchen and make sure the restaurant is excellent. Sometimes they are responsible for letting the staff of the restaurant. Each year, they receive $ 29,637 and $ 70,000 each year, depending on what experiences and venues they have. Meanwhile, the Bar Manager is responsible for a club that is licensed for the alcohol or the bars inside the hotel.

Cooking Chefs

Also known as pâtissier, these chefs are responsible for mouth care cakes, desserts and breads in hotels, restaurants, bistros and cafes. They receive sweet salaries from $ 38,522 to $ 66,129 each year.


Also called the waiters, they basically undertake the handling of wine specialties in restaurants, cafés and hotels. Sometimes you create a wine list or cocktail menu, supervise the stocks, and advise your customers if they need help in the selection. Thanks for the $ 36,132 $ 55,196 payment.

Waitress and Waitress

Perhaps this is the most widespread food business. The waiter or waitress is associated with social skills, which include communicating with customers to order and serve food and drinks, and assisting clients in menus. In general, you need minimum training and you must have a secondary school diploma or a formal training depending on your facility. Annual earnings per year fall from $ 14,740 to $ 48,484 per year, depending on years of experience.


The shopkeepers confuse and serve the customers. They also check the identification of age-specific protectors for alcohol-proof customers. They are also paying attention to customers, such as calling a niche to the distressed customers, among other things. Their pay is between $ 17,956 and $ 36,105 per year.


Cooks, however, usually work in institutions such as school cafes and hospitals. They produce, select and serve in large quantities. Chefs expect them to know basic nutrition, food safety, server techniques, and institutional food establishments. They earn $ 20,020 a year and $ 32,890 a year, and their income depends on their work experience.


The Beijing cookies provide bread and pastries in a variety of bakeries, such as large-scale factories, which transport their supermarkets or chain stores in their own stores. They usually earn $ 19,611 for $ 28,731.

Host / Hostess

Restaurant activities are coordinated to ensure that customers receive prompt and courteous service. They are also responsible for board bookings and other special events at the restaurant. In addition, customer needs and complaints are handled and answered. They earn $ 15,000 to $ 28,000 every year, depending on the experience and the facility.

Play in your skills and choose your personality and qualification needs.

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