The top five yoga exercises are the tone of your body

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The body's tone requires a combination of a healthy diet, a heartbeat and strength training. For many people this means rigid regulation of jogging and lifting, but time is up. But the solution can be closer than you think. Surprisingly, yoga works to tone the body. This also includes cleaning exercises that help release your toxins from your diet.

This article reviews some yoga postures that are easy to follow.

first Use the Tree Pose to confirm the oblique at any time

The Tree Pose understands that you are standing on one leg and your other leg above your knees and your hip is open. Your foot resembles the number four. His arms are held in prayer. This practice is great because it can be done at any time: when waiting at a post office in a post office, stop the food from warming up in the microwave or in a dial-up call. It's a tricky practice, but it improves your balance and sounds on the slant.

2nd Stretch and Strengthen Your Back With Dogs

It's easy to forget about our back muscles until they are painful. However, work on them consolidates the core and helps in treating abdominal fat. The two dogs represent upward dogs and downhill dogs, concentrating on the back muscles. In the case of an upward dog, the bed must lie on the mattress on the floor. Then, while placing your hand with your ribs, lift your body up and raise your head and torso. After holding this pose, it will rest on the carpet and a downward dog will appear, raising the seed from the carpet with a triangular arm and legs.

3rd The warrior poses the lower body

The warrior pose is a great reinforcing sign for calves, thighs and hips. In this you get a deep impression and put most of your weight on your bent leg. At the same time, hold your hip to the back. This creates a tension that affects the whole area. The warrior's pose also helps your arms a bit, as they expand to the end of the pose.

4th Get rid of your abdominal muscles with the stinging position

Yoga is a series of rods called Dacies for sound reinforcement and weight loss. As you sit at a table, you use all of your basic muscles to keep your body straight. A plank pose can be put on the chest to the floor or to the side. In a standard board, you keep your body in the same way as you begin to acne. In a side bowl, balance your feet and hands, and keep yourself in the middle of time.

5th Core Your with the Boat

It is located in the middle of the abdomen, the hip and the lower back. The ship poses them. Sit down on the floor in front of your feet. Put your hands behind your hips and lean back. Then lift your feet from the floor at a 45-degree angle. If he is there, pick up his hand and spread his knees. Use your core muscles to keep your back up and keep the tail binding in balance. After three, 20-second reproduction, each muscle has to be thoroughly felt.

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