The story of elephants

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Elephants are the largest continental mammals and are found in Asia and Africa. African elephants live in sub-Saharan Africa while Asian elephants are located in India and other Southeast Asian countries. Elephants are interesting animals as they traveled and cared for their young. It is interesting for many people in Asia and Africa as their size and mode contribute to the economy. Learning from elephants can be fun for all ages, so starting with the basic assumptions is the best way to get to know these huge creatures.

Environment and Nutrition

The elephant's natural environment is the type of breed of the elephant. African forest elephants generally migrate while the African savannah elephants are on the African plain. The Asian elephant lives in forests. Elephants need a large area of ‚Äč‚Äčland for roaming to find enough food and water to survive. Often they follow elephant paths to find more food from one area to another. The elephants eat with bark, grass, branches and leaves and grow seeds in their manure so they behave like a gardener as they travel.

The elephant has many adaptations, habitat. To stay comfortable in the heat, the elephant can cover your ears and have a cooling effect. Large molars in the mouth of the elephant are used to chew and grind very fibrous vegetable matter. The elephant's boot can be used in many ways, including food, drinking water, and other elephants. Elephants have very low tones that allow them to communicate with each other.

Elephants and Ecosystem

Elephants are a very important part of ecosystems. By leaving the seeds, their fertilizers contribute to the creation of a new plant life. Their big bodies can freeze small trees and other obstacles so that smaller animals can penetrate to find food. If there is some water dryness, the elephants will dig to find water deep under the water.

Elephant Family Life

Elephants are very family-oriented animals. They are under the supervision of a female matriarch. The chicken matriarch must know the food and water resources and be responsible for keeping her siblings, relatives and other family members safe and healthy. When the time has come for reproduction, female elephants associate bull elephants after a courtship. The woman is pregnant for 22 months while the baby's elephant is growing and developing. During work, the pregnant elephant is assisted by another female elephant. If a baby elephant is born, she will have breastfeeding her for up to four years and everyone has to take care of her.

Elephants and Society

Elephants have many key places in society. Asian elephants are used as working animals for many years and often carry heavy loads from one place to another. They are also used as transport modes in Asian and African countries. Some elephants were exported from Asia and Africa for circus travel and entertainment. Yet others use the duck, so ivory products can be made. Other members of society have respected honorable elephants and protected them from the price.

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