The role of nutrition – nutrition and heart disease

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Nutrition: Nutrition and heart diseases go hand in hand. Nutritionally important foods play an important role in maintaining good health. Poor eating habits can lead to more disease. Here we discuss common heart diseases and the role of nutritious foods in the prevention of heart disease

Types of Heart Diseases

There are almost eight types of diseases and not all conditions can be controlled with a healthy diet. Although nutritious foods are important for general well-being, nutrition, nutrition and heart disease are not necessarily linked to each other. Some heart failure surgery may be required. For example, heart disease can only be cured by surgery. Even a balanced meal can not help with this disease. Below is a list of various types of heart disease.

• Coronary Disease – CHD, as it is known to cause narrowing blood arteries. This reduces blood flow to the heart. This condition requires a medication or surgery

• Cardiomyopathy – This type of disease is commonly known as a heart attack. This is due to obstruction of the arteries. Clogging may occur for various reasons. One of the most common causes is high-fat blood that thickens blood and disrupts the flow. Nutrition, nutrition and disease are related to this condition. Low cholesterol and fat-balanced diet can be a big difference. A good diet maintains the optimal level of blood thickness and avoids obstruction

• Cardiovascular disease – This disease may affect the vessels or the heart

• Ischemic Heart Failure – This type of heart disease reduces the body's blood supply

• Heart failure – Consequence of congestive heart failure and structural or functional disorder

• Rainbow heart disease – This disease affects the heart valve.

• Inflammatory heart failure – Myocardial inflamation or tissue

• Hypertensive heart failure disorders – High blood pressure is the common cause of this type of disease. Nutrition, nutrition and heart disease may be related as lowering blood pressure can prevent heart disease

Healthy nutrition not only control your heart, it can also prevent other diseases. Nourishing food is good for its inner and outer well-being. Steady food improves skin and hair quality, dramatically improving. Do not forget the speech – what is happening, coming out. Also applicable here; a good diet will keep you sick.

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