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Headstand, or Shirsasana, King of Yoga Asanas. Simply put, asana is a yogic posture or body position.

When the headstand is made, the body is fully upset and the forearms are held vertically, while the crown of the head easily rests on the floor. the inversion makes the headband so powerful, especially because it reverses the flow of gravity. Generally, gravity pulls our bodies and compresses our bodies, but at this turn, this process completely reverses. So instead of working against us, gravity works for us by decompressing our body and reversing circulation and lymphatic processes.

No matter the style or the level of yoga in practice, inversion revitalizes and rejuvenates the whole system. His head translation turns the effects of gravity and nourishes vital organs and brain. The wound and the pituitary gland activate, balancing the hormones. Lifting legs, circulation, venous return and lymphatic drainage improve, and strain and fatigue relax. Inverting also helps sleep, resulting in calmness, calmness and calm.

Executing inversions and turning upside down everyday is one of the best things you can do for yourself. Inverting is essentially an elixir of life. The Gravity Effects

The gravity slowly but surely weighs and empties our strength. We stand or sit or head over our feet and the pool. As the years get overwhelmed, so are the damages. Subcutaneous fat sag. There are different veins and hemorrhoids. Tired of pumping blood through his huge circulatory network, his heart is tingling. According to Payne, the ancient yogi called gravity a "silent enemy". The Jewish martial arts maneuver: exalt himself and take the power of gravity to arrest his own power.

The human body is susceptible to fluctuations in gravity, as more than 60 percent of water. From the skin the body is dense with cells, floating in a swimming pool. A complex network of ships is leaking in and around the cells continuously moving liquids through valves, pumps and porous membranes that are thread for transportation, feeding, washing and cleaning.

David Coulter, Ph.D., taught anatomy at the University of Minnesota for 18 years when one inverted fabric fluids in the lower limbs channel – much more efficiently than when sleeping. Bottlenecks are clear. A 1992 Yoga International article on headache and circulatory system Coulter wrote: "If you can only stay in 3-5 minutes in a reversed posture, blood will not only enter the heart but the tissue fluid will flow more effectively to the lower extremities, and nyirokcsatornáiban and veins of the abdominal and pelvic organs, facilitating healthier exchange of nutrients and wastes between the cells and capillaries. "

according Sivananda [Sirkaszasana(19459005)aheadstand)valóbanáldásésnektáraszavaknemfogjákmegfelelőenleírnikedvezőeredményeitéshatásaitcsakebbenazAsánábanazagyrengetegnyersanyagotésvértképesrajzolniamemóriaemelkedikazügyvédekokkultistákésgondolkodóknagyraértékelikeztAsanaamitermészetesPranayamaésSamadhi-hozvezetönmagábannemszükségesmáserőfeszítéshamegfigyeledalélegzetetészrefogodvennifinomabbáésfinomabbáenyhelégzésinehézségAhogyhaladagyakorlatbanezteljeseneltűnikAszellemiga" The favorable rebuilding effect of the headend (Copeland, 1975), in order to withstand greater stress and strain (Kuvalyananda and Vinekar, 1963), accurate inverting always relaxes and reduces stress and strains. slow cells rejuvenate and the brain stimulates the seat of intelligence, stimulates the pituitary gland and the pineal glands on which a person's growth, health and vitality depend ..

The pituitary gland and the pineal gland nourish and stimulate it. especially Headstand provides refreshed blood and baths and nourishes hypothalamus, pineal gland and pituitary glands that play an important role in the endocrine system. to regulate cell metabolism. Our growth, health and vitality depend on the proper functioning of the two chemicals that regulate the chemical balance of the body. The secretions of the pituitary gland regulate sexual characteristics and growth of reproductive organs. It also regulates the function of the adrenal glands, the thyroid and the ovaries. This hormone stimulates milk production in nursing mothers. Thus, the pituitary gland is an artificial gland, which plays a very important role in regulating menstruation and pregnancy. Inverted postures control the functioning of the gland

Circulation System

Inversion drives hearts and encourages venous return. Inversions make the body the same way as aerobic exercise. Elaine N. Marieb, author, "The important factor in cardiac muscles is cardiac withdrawal (venous return) and prolongation of the chamber" (Human Anatomy & Physiology 4th Edition, Benjamin / Cummings Science Publishing, 1998 p. 679) gravity is used to bring more blood to his heart – he turns upside down to encourage venous return (Iyengar, 1991; Werner, 2004; Raman, 2004). .

Reduces the heartbreak. Normally, the heart works against gravity; vice versa the whole body on the headband reduces the strain on your heart. The heart always works to ensure that freshly oxygenated blood goes to the brain and sensory organs. When inverted, the body's differential pressure is reversed and the blood flows from the heart with little work to the brain (Iyengar, 1991; Werner, 2004, Raman, 2004).

Tiredness and brain degeneration have been minimized. The headend allows oxygen-rich blood to reach the head and brain (Sivananda, 2004). Increasing the blood flow of brain cells increases their thinking power, purity, memory, concentration, and sensory abilities (Iyengar, 1991, pg 190), thereby minimizing brain tissue degeneration (Raman, 2004). The fatigue of brain cells, which is part of everyday life, does not occur with the regular daily practice of the headend. This is due to brain revitalization with fresh blood and O2 (Raman, 2004).

Cervical lymph node plays an important role in lymph circulation and drainage

Liquid accumulation has decreased. Lymphs, like blood that returns to the heart through the veins, depend on muscle movement and gravity to facilitate its return. Thus, in the headband, the lymph fluid gets rid of the feet and ankles and prevents the fluid from accumulating in the legs and feet with regular practice.

Since the lymphatic system is a closed-loop system and one-way valves keep the lymph flow to the heart when it turns upside down, it stimulates the entire lymphatic system, thereby strengthening the immune system.

The nervous system stimulates the nervous system

The headend increases with spiritual alertness and clarity. The immediate change that can be felt after the post is performed is the increased vigilance that keeps the sun during the day.

In the brain fresh blood soak in. The most important aspect of reverse poses is to soak the blood over the blood for a certain period of time, which is never occurring in other practical systems. According to Raman, Raman, 2004, "It rejuvenates brain cells and prevents age-related brain atrophy and prevents brain emotional changes, and as already mentioned, ischemic stroke can be completely prevented, pressure".

It opens the brain and eases stress and mild depression. Centralized, reassuring and reassuring pose. You feel an affect on the face in the pose. The inversions also provide healthier and more effective lung tissue. Standing upright or sitting upright, gravity pulls our fluids on the ground and blood "perfuses" or saturates the lower lungs more thoroughly. The lower lung tissue is therefore compactly larger than the upper lung. As a result, inhaled air moves naturally into the open alveolus of the upper lung. Unless we take a good, deep breath, we do not raise the dose of air into the blood in the lower lungs. When inverted, the blood perfuses the lungs' well-ventilated upper lobe, thereby providing more efficient oxygen-flow and healthier lung tissue, oxygen consumption and blood flow [Juvningetal1983].

the headband helps align the spine, improves posture, facilitates good breathing and reduces muscle mass. The inversion relies on a lung that is freshly felt. The vital capacity increases as the lungs learn to breathe the body of body bodies in the body. (Raman, 2004) Digestion System

Increases heat and improves digestion. The headband increases the stomach fire and produces heat in the body. Sounds and cleanses digestive organs. The weight of the abdominal organs deepens in the membrane, which gently masses the internal organs. By reversing the pulling of gravity on the organs, especially in the gut, it helps to save them in the jejunum and the colon. Fresh hot blood strengthens the cells and overcomes the problems of the liver, kidneys, stomach, intestines, and reproductive system (Raman, 2004).

Constipation has disappeared. Changing posture enhances peristaltic contraction and helps in good elimination. Constipation ceases, provided that the water content of the food is normal (Raman, 2004).

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