The Lunacy and Benefits of the Moon in Yoga

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Sunlight is one of the most important parts of yoga that every yogis knows about most practices. Chandra Namaskara or the lunar greeting is another asan sequence that is practiced by certain types of yoga. This series consists of ten different poses that start with mountain ranges and lead the practitioner through a number of positions to greet him. There are a few versions of the Chandra Namaskara series, but most of them focus on the inspiration of the cycle at various stages of the moon. These vinyasa-style yoga seats often counterbalance the effects of Surya Namaskara.

Asanas for Chandra Namaskara:

The most commonly used lunar welcome sequence consists of the following postures:

Mountain Pose

Increased Weapon Placement

Upward Bending

Lunge Poster

Down Watch Dog Pose

Plank Pose

Combination of Ashtanga Namaskara and Cobra Pose

reverse order: Starting with the downward dog and the mountain position.

There are a number of other varieties that are based on the gurus that teach them. All of them are designed to meet the legal requirements of those who practice it.

Advantages of the Moon Respect:

Yoga as a whole has many benefits for the suffering physician. If the asanas or the benefits of the series are broken down, it becomes clear that there is no part that is in vain. Health and fitness gains that can be gained from lunacy practice as a normal part of yoga. Some of them include:

  • Extremely useful in redirecting lunar energy and recreating relaxing and creative features
  • Extension and comfort of the spine, pelvic, hip, knee, ankle and abdominal muscles
  • The root chakra is open to these exercises.
  • Removing toxins and improving blood circulation and maximizing oxygen intake to improve blood flow.
  • A more advanced circulation promotes the feeling of well-being and healthier self-creation
  • It relaxes the mind and body and allows the focus on the inner self.

Benefits are not limited to these, and even since the moon's greetings are performed at night, one of its most important benefits is that it is a great calming and anti-sleeping factor. People suffering from insomnia may benefit primarily from the Chandra Namaskara, as they eliminate stress and calm the mind and body for a peaceful and peaceful rest for a long night.

Although the benefits are many, you need to be careful when exercising the moon's greetings. As the series usually involves a combination of standing and back bending, it is not suitable for asthma or other respiratory and lung problems. In addition, patients with heart disease should consult with their physician before starting these estimates or upgrading them on the basis of their health constraints. Chandra Namaskara results in comfortable and relaxing postures, and can in no way create stress or breakage.

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