The importance of breathing in yoga

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Yoga is much more than a fantasy posture. Strength and flexibility are only two small parts of Hatha's yoga practice. Breathing is something casual that it is natural. Yet through the practice of pranayama, the passage of breath is indeed one of the ways of inner peace.

"When the breath wanders, the mind is also uncertain, but when the breath is restored, the mind remains and the yogis reach long life

~ Svatmarama, Hatha Joga Pradipika

When are we aware of our breathing? Rarely, if ever, we tend to observe the most important life force that is believed to be related to the soul by body, body, tradition during the history of breathing, and unfortunately most have not been taught to breathe, and without losing the ability to do it without basic knowledge.

Raja and Hatha Yoga's primitives pranayama, that is, the art and science of controlled breathing, people's daily life tends to breathe from the chest to the abdomen, the deep breathing of the abdomen is healthy and deeper, a sleeping baby or a kitten and will Let the breathing seem to be filling your belly. It may be that our modern correction with the kindness or the kind of clothing, but for some reason, has lost the profound inhalation of deep breathing.

These low, shallow breaths do not satisfy the lungs and the lung capacity is greatly reduced. Fast, shallow breaths are associated with fear and panic, and studies show that breathing in this way causes blood pressure. Deep, slow breathing reduces blood pressure and elevates the level of oxygen in the blood, as well as carbon dioxide from the body. The end result is increased health from the inside out. Practicing yoga and pranayama will improve cardiovascular health and lung function on a daily basis. All postures are used to control breathing.

Pranayama is simply examined: Inhaling and exhaling a certain ratio, obtaining valuable oxygen and reducing stress. This is often enough for most people who can hardly see that their breathing is replaced by situations that naturally occur during one day. However, practitioners of serious law may want to go deeper into pranayama. It is imperative for these professionals to find good and reliable information. Pranayama, while being very useful, may be harmful if it is improperly practiced. Some of the dynamic pranayama techniques can cause hyperventilation, which can cause more damage than good. By controlling the breath, man controls the inner body of the person by actually linking the mind and body.

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