Teaching Hatha Yoga – Conditions for Prerequisites and Yoga Teacher Training

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Each of the topics listed below requires more research on your part, but we need to briefly ask a question and responder that students are taking special care in their classrooms.

Q: At the weekend I met a student in the early twenties (about 23-24) and are interested in yoga. It's in the third third pregnancy. Is there something I should be concerned about?

In the past I went to many yoga classes where women were really pregnant and noted that the instructor paid particular attention to them in dossiers and not.

A: About the First Trimester of Pregnancy: Unfortunately, the ability to take responsibility has caused us many to reconsider and advise students to a pre-natal practitioner. It is much safer for pregnant students in a special class, under the direction of a pre-yoga yoga specialist.

Q: Another thing about hip replacement: A student (in the fifties) was a bit of a change about 14 years ago. Is there any concern that I need to be aware of or have to know the limitations?

A: Yoga for hip replacement: I strongly recommend thoroughly studying this topic before teaching this student. Needless to say, there are many contraindications related to the specific type of hip bone.

We recommend that you ask the student with a hip replacement, a doctor's recommendation, or a medical record explaining the type of hip bone.

The exact surgical approach of a doctor is very important. For example: Was it a full replacement? Is the implant back or front? All of these situations are different and some posture can only be modified or eliminated.

Q: As long as I'm talking about my subject, my neighbors (at the end of the 40s) had about 6 years ago a neck surgery and I know that the cervical area is limited. Is there any concern here?

A: Yes, there are many concerns. In the case of yoga, existing cervical spine injury: Everything that causes pain on the spine needs to be stopped.

This condition depends on the medical advice of the type of operation and the source of the problem. Extreme bending or twisting, on the neck, modified or removed from its practice. It is important to note that necklaces and neck ache should not be exercised by any student regardless of their history.

Some slight bending or twisting can cause pain. In this case, do not cause pain. Students with existing problems, wherever the backbone should be respected and avoiding pain.

Teachers of yoga should be careful and give gentle guidance if the student has any existing medical condition or injury. In some cases, yoga teachers should call their students to a yoga specialist.

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