Svadhyaya – Niyama of Self-Study

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Svadhyaya (self-examination) requires us to be honest with ourselves, concentrate and be present in yoga practice. There is a lot to be asked of the average multi-player yoga student who visits the yoga classes a week or twice a week.

How can you learn to keep your mind silent enough for self-study and self-actualization? Is meditation the obvious answer? Will Japa help us suppress the noise of many voices in our minds?

The answer: Yes and no. People often deal with activities such as reading, walking, gardening, painting or playing, which also allow the mind to focus on the moment. Everyone has activities that relieve the mind, but the mind is still focused. So this is an individual approach to calm the mind and begin the practice of self-examination.

This is a simpler way to make a Yoga student self-study without feeling as if he were in a battle with "ape consciousness." If a person can not set the mind, you can choose from a number of methods.

From a personal perspective, studying sacred texts, scriptures, or holy books is very beneficial, but not all. If reading the sacred texts is disappointing in the practitioner's mind, then this is the lesson of futility.

The same person is likely to be able to concentrate on his physical activity. If it's Asana, Pranayama, Sun Salutations, walking or knitting, you have to criticize it? Not all of us have the same prospect of life. So the solution is to find the specific activity that focuses the mind to be honest, concentrate and present in practice.

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