Slim Skin of Paper – How to Improve Skin and Recover Your Younger Power and Flexibility

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Slim leather paper is real.

Not just your imagination: With years of aging and lack of proper nutrients, the skin becomes really thinner and thinner. Fat under the skin is lost. It is much worse if you lose collagen, elastin and hyaluronic acid, which is essential for healthy skin. Oxidation damages and kills the skin

Here's an explanation of how it is done and how to thicken and rebuild the paper thin skin. What you first notice

saying, "My skin is thin paper," probably a series of hum, bruising and scraping. Your skin is in all the little battles most people can hardly notice. (Sometimes you do not even remember that you're stuck, but there's a nasty crush.) If he kicks a little more, his skin is clogged like a serious accident.

This is not just a problem of appearance. If the skin is fine, it is also easily infected and it takes much longer to heal. It may require medical attention for a scar that will hardly interfere with healthy skin.

The problem is the aging of the skin. This is not simply an older one. Some people feel their super thin, easily wounded skin well before the Middle Ages. Often this is due to the long-term use of medical steroids. Generally, these medicines are due to chronic health conditions

Aging skin has special causes and, over time, none of them are involved. Fortunately, the most important causes of aging skin can be reversed

Accessories can also help your skin and overall health.

Look for a supplement containing at least 30 mg of SAMe (S-adenosyl methionine) and at least 50 mg of carnosine. SAMe is a wonderful nutrient involved in the key process called methylation; Carnosine stops glycation, which destroys healthy proteins, including collagen and elastin; Carnosine has a unique ability to stop glycation, which has already begun.

Another enhancing supplement for skin health and repair is omega 3 fish oil. The currently introduced omega 3 fish oil contains antioxidant astaxanthin and a lycopene extract. The lycopene complex in the oil has been shown in clinical studies to show that the skin actually thickens, densities and drastically reduces scaling and roughness – both of which are very common in aging skin. [19645002] Skin Care Cream or Cream 19659002] Many of the ingredients in the skin care cream or cream contain proven clinical evidence of reversing the causes of aging skin. They make their skin thicker and tougher and renew their flexibility from month to month. Here are some of the best:

– Cynergy TK stimulates skin's natural collagen and elastin production. In human volunteer studies, new skin cell production improved skin elasticity by 160%, 42%. It has reduced inflammation and has strong antioxidant properties.

– Seaweed extract called Phytessence Wakame has allowed the skin to rebuild its hyaluronic acid level. In the experiments this was done by blocking 52 percent of the activity of the enzyme that induced the degradation of hyaluronic acid.

– When the product contains coenzyme Q10 in small particles, it is often referred to as "nano-emulsion", it can penetrate into the skin deeply. Generally, other forms of CoQ10 are not well absorbed. With natural vitamin E, CoQ10 is perhaps the most powerful antioxidant combination in healthy skin.

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