Sinus And Allergy – Three Worst Foods

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For any controversy that certain foods have a real impact on a person's environmental allergy and sinus problem one thing is certain: most people respond affirmatively when they are asked to abolish certain foods.

At least this is the experience for many and mine who have suffered from these two diseases and have been trying this simple experiment for several days. This "empirical approach" – practical experimentation – albeit not well-known and non-scientific – was virtually a welcome solution to address these two health problems. The results are consistent and therefore difficult to access in the real world.

Three foods appear to be distinguished by environmental allergies and sinus abnormalities such as sinus pressure, PND (posterior nasal discharge), chronic production of green and yellow mucous membranes, sinusitis, and so on. These three foods are: Milk Products, Sugar and eggs. The list of "bad foods" is much longer, but the three might have the "worst" advantage. Nutrition and medical science as government authorities point out a warning about the impact of sugar on human health: researchers at Harvard University, the Ministry of Health and the Ministry of Human Services, Tufts University's bone disease expert all basically claim that the average consumption of sugar in the United States is too high and this can have a very adverse effect on our health. Although the warnings relate to the general population, its connotation can give further credence to the negative effects of sugar in the two groups covered in this article: Allergic and Sinus Issues

As far as dairy products are concerned, as late as the late 1800s nutritionists have expressed that "milk is the secretion". Sugar has already been classified as "health-damaging" when it was taken in large quantities. In addition, a significant amount of milk and sugar together, as claimed, are equivalent to the stomach alcohol.

We must be careful that not everyone is responding to the same things in the body, whether it is food, medication, aspirin or even water. However, it is good to know that when many allergic or sinus sufferers stopped using the three foods, they improved significantly in their condition. Eat

Some healthy live supporters insist that eggs may be equally disadvantageous if they deal with these health problems such as sugar and dairy products. Again, some are likely to be more sensitive to this food than others. Still, we can experiment with it to see if we really have to put it in the list of "bad foods".

Some people are worried about malnutrition if the three foods are significantly reduced or eliminated. The good news, however, is that because our American diet has been a serious protein, it could in many cases be a sacrificial sacrifice.

Allergies and sinus problems, such as: pressure, headache, drainage, chronic green or yellow mucus? Try to eliminate or significantly reduce the three foods and see what's happening. The results would be pleasantly surprising to me and many others.

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