Secrets of Tantric Sex

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First, it is important to understand that tantra sex is not intended to seek self-delighting pleasure. Rather, it means merging two lovers into a spiritual level where only one physical and possibly emotional person will be exhausted. Incredible because it sounds, Tantric sex involves meditation – meditation. Under the protection of a tantric teacher, lovers learn to abandon selfish joyful demand and focus on enjoying each other. However, they learn to focus on the moment and what is happening in it.

During tantra sex, as a result of tantra meditation sexual pleasure has increased greatly. For those who pay close attention to the instructions of their Master Tantra, the legendary full body orgasm becomes available. The man, the goddess of Australia's Tantra, gives you a thoughtless sexual power that allows you to experience more orgasms. The woman whom her mistress loved as a goddess of tantra experiences an emotional, physical, and spiritual fulfillment that she never suspected of being.

Tantric sex is based on the assumption that the two original tantra deities – Shiva and Shakti – are represented during the sexual union. Tantra is God, Shiva admits that despite his great manpower he can be believed without his control – Shakti Tantric goddess. These two Tantra deities can be regarded as a representative element of the eastern concept of yin and yang – the energies of men and women whose interaction and synergy have created, maintained and harmonized the universe.

It is a secret of the Tantra that you can learn from your Tantric Teacher that there is no neutral absolute value. Each gender is a bit different (as shown by the yin and yang symbols). The ancient Tantra is scorned by the macho alpha man and the progressive Western caricature of the progressive, violent woman. In fact, it is only when two lovers discover in themselves that tantric sex is possible. By accepting and exploiting this fact, the balance between male and female energies is made and sex worships – a sacred rite that brings unimaginable enjoyment and fulfillment.

Master Tantra is the leader of the road and will help you and your loved ones capture your bias, break the artificial sexual limits, and raise up the intellectual skins that you should always have been. When that happens, the concept of "divine sex" has a whole new meaning …

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