Remove your neck pain with yoga

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Everyone becomes a little stiff neck, and yoga with some concentrated exercises can erase the pain. First, you must be sure that the pain is unrelated to something more serious than a simple rigid neck. Instead of yoga, contact a doctor if any of the following are true:

– Cervical pain persists or returns for more than three days.

– Pain in the neck is dizziness or nausea.

– It seems the pain radiates on your arms or feet.

– Pain started with a crash or an accident.

If your rigid neck does not meet the above conditions, these simple yoga exercises can help increase neck elasticity and strengthen the muscles of the neck. By exercising the need for blood and nutrients in the area, it gradually relieves cervical pain. Try these:

Neck Elongation

Sitting legs, tall and straight, and inhaling their eyes. Exhale, move your chin to the chest. Repeat this breath five times, the fifth time that your chin is held three times by the nose. Inhaled, raising his head centered. This time throw your right ear to the right shoulder while exhaling. Repeat this breath five times, the fifth time you have three breaths holding your ears. Repeat this order to the left ear on the left shoulder.

Half-Circle Rolls

Drop your chest chest. Slowly wind up to the right shoulder, center, left shoulder, and center. Repeat this three or five times. Never turn your head fully, as this may cause damage.

Shoulder straps

Raise your shoulders as high as you can and then loosen it completely. Repeat the five or six times. Then roll your shoulders five or six times and then return to the circles five to six times. Look at how calm your shoulders are. Try this quick relaxation exercise anytime you feel tension.

Chest Enlarger

Stand with your feet and your fingers are behind your back. Inhale as he raises his hands behind his back, clenches the shoulder bands and clutches his back body to prevent his back. Hold this position 3-4 times, then slowly lower your arms during the next expiration.

Heavy lifts

Keep your arms straight in front of you, parallel to the ground, palms facing each other, but do not touch it. Inhale while lifting his head. Exhale, bringing them back. Repeat this four or eight times.


Put your palm on your head. Press the head and the hand at one time, counting on one another. Move your palm to the forehead and repeat the urgency to another tens of numbers. Now place your right palm on the right side of the head and press your head and hold it tenfold together. Repeat left palm and left.

These yoga exercises are used to alleviate physical stress and related pain. The best pain relief is to prevent pain, so be careful about posture and adjust the work area to avoid slipping.

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