Pregnancy and nutrition

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Nutrition and Pregnancy

Good meals are one of the most important things you can do for a baby. Healthy nutrition is important for baby health and needs to be pre-planned and introduced before pregnancy. Dietary foods help to be fertile and fertile and important throughout and during pregnancy.

The best diet is the simplest and you may be aware of what you saw on a wall in your school or in the office of your doctor. A balanced diet provides 5 servings of fruit and vegetables per day (ecology is the best, especially during pregnancy, you and your baby do not require any extra chemicals). Fresh vegetables and fresh fruit fruits are the best. Starch and starchy foods: cuts, grains, cereals, noodles, rice, potatoes, avoid bleached or bleached bread and flour, and always refer to whole grain products. Many types of protein are consumed: lean meats, seafood, eggs, legumes, legumes, beans (once again, organic, for eggs, legumes, legumes and babies). To eat enough milk, such as milk, cheese and yogurt, to get enough calcium.

Milk products made from non-pasteurized milk may contain listeria that may damage the baby's life and lead to miscarriage. This is a harmful antibacterial reduction in pasteurized dairy products. Pate, raw or undergarment meat or egg is also a potential source of bacteria that can damage the fetus. Make sure everything you eat is well cooked. A wise idea may be to avoid crude sea products such as sushi.

As far as other seafood is concerned – any sea fish may contain dangerous levels of naturally occurring mercury, so it is advisable to avoid them during pregnancy.

Avoid liver and liver products (eg Pate, liver cough, etc.), because they contain large amounts of vitamin A as retinol. Too much retinol may be detrimental to the developing baby.

Alcohol during pregnancy is a great "no-no" and should be avoided altogether, as well as smoking and around people who smoke.

Caffeine consumption can be up to 200mg per day (2 cups of coffee, 4 teaspoons or less)

Remember that if you are pregnant, eating healthy foods will be of primary importance to you and your baby. The infant causes a much larger fracture on the body. You need more protein, iron, calcium and folic acid than ever before. You need more calories. On the other hand, double consumption does not mean that you eat twice, but the food you eat is the most important source of nutrition for the baby. Sensitive, balanced foods are the best.

During pregnancy you need to gradually increase weight, not at the same time, and the highest weight should be obtained in the last trimester. The following growth rate is often recommended by doctors:

2-4 pounds of total weight gain in the first trimester

3-4 pounds a month in the second and third trimesters

300 calories a day more than at least the last six months of pregnancy for most women compared to the pre-pregnancy calorie intake. Keep in mind that the quality of calories you enter is more important than the amount. Growing baby requires healthy food with lots of nutrients, so do not eat rusty foods and foods that have a lot of sugar, fat, and other empty calories.

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