Possible lupus tour that starts with healthy digestion

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Even today, many lupus sufferers say the diet of doctors does not matter. "They also say there is no" healing for lupus. "

With the question of diet, if it's healthy to eat, then what you You eat when you're sick, not just important, it's indispensable, so much that you can do or break your health and quality of life.One false is that lupus can not be cured.If someone who healed lupus will beg and not me I am the only one who is now lupus-free, at least the symptoms of lupus can be significantly reduced if a significant return of quality of life takes place to make the right steps. this is the first line of defense to fight the lupus symptoms.

Emet It is a powerful way of ensuring that your body can absorb, so utilize your nutrition from your meals. There are two sources that support this: digestive enzymes and probiotics.

What is probiotics?

Probiotics are living microorganisms that support the GI (gastrointestinal) tract of microorganisms. The term "probiotics" refers to "life" in Greek.

One of its main functions is to support digestion and processing waste. (Now look at the term "antibiotics" and this function). Probiotics are often used to prevent diarrhea by replacing lost healthy bacteria, often with the use of antibiotics. They nourish, rebuild and protect the intestinal lining and restore good bacteria in the intestine. What do the digestive enzymes mean?

Enzymes are energized protein molecules that require all life.

Digestive enzymes interact and work synergistically with vitamins, minerals, water and other nutrients to play an important role and not change or avoid the process. They are responsible for the body's entire function, such as digestion, cell / tissue / organ repair, bones, skin, muscles and nerves, as well as energy production and brain stimulation.

Enzymes are excreted in the gastrointestinal tract and found in raw foods.

Feeding a diet rich in raw foods helps patients, digestion processes and therefore reduces the body's own secret demand. If the body has to rely on its own enzymes when consuming cooked and processed food, it has more stress on the body and pancreas. Therefore, other important processes have less energy, such as reconstitution and replacement of damaged cells and tissues, which can reduce the effectiveness of the immune system

. "The medical profession tells us that all illnesses are due to lack of enzymes or imbalances. Our life depends on them!"

Dr. The Consequences of Perfect Digestion

If the food molecules are not properly digested and decomposed into their smallest form, the body can see them as a foreign body of the body and body, causing inflammatory conditions and immune responsiveness. This is similar to autoimmune response to lupus, which may lead to symptoms such as arthritis, not to mention food allergies, digestive problems, fatigue, muscle pain, heart disease, asthma, and migraine.

chronic diseases such as lupus, arthritis, diabetes, allergy, skin disease, immunodeficiency, cancerous (and so forth) decreased enzymes

There are many types of loss of appetite and probiotics:

  • Improving the absorption of nutrients
  • Promoting the synthesis of vitamins
  • Inhibition of disease-causing organisms
  • Improvement of digestion
  • Prevention of stomach upsets and constipation reduction
  • Improvement of allergy resistance
  • Fat [19659018
  • Improving the activity of white blood cells
  • Supporting the endocrine system (hormones in the body)
  • Balance Cholesterol and triglyceride levels
  • Removal of Yeast
  • Help get rid of digestive energy through other important healing Functions

Healthy Digestive Healing Lupus

Many alternative health professionals believe that any health problem is somehow related to the digestive process. While eating easily digestible foods, it may be beneficial to supplement your appetite with digestive enzymes and probiotics.

Everything in the body depends on the food and the proper absorption. It is not good to choose extremely nutritious foods if their nutrients are not completely absorbed. If you experience digestive problems, it is a good idea to see a healthcare professional.

With many enzymes of healthy enzymes that guarantee a higher digestion and absorption level, it differentiates your health. The possibility of lupus cure (19459010) based on dietetic (19459010) should not be overlooked and I hope that doctors will continue to use the natural ways to treat lupus and other illnesses in the care of their patients.

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