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The cause and the effect

Most of us in America have done the same diet 100 years ago. The same amount of calories, carbohydrates, protein, etc. We consume. The main difference since 100 years ago, he not only got up in the car and started off through Mc Donald's drive. In fact, he did a lot of work 100 years ago. Before feeding and catching the horse, win and then connect the car. And before leaving leave for the day, she had to give her cows and collect eggs from the chickens. I will not explain much more in detail, but what I'm trying to explain is that trivial things burn thousands of calories a day, daily, our food and appetite are basically the same.

We consume a large amount of white flour. Everything from bread and biscuits to pasta and cereals. The body is converted to energy immediately and, if not used, it is stored as fat. It came about 100 years ago, but now that we have eaten our eggs and toast for breakfast, there are no cows (most of them), no horses in the saddle, and we do not have to go and collect the eggs. After we have eaten our eggs and toast, most of us take less than fifty steps to our car where we only sit there until we get to work. After our work, most of us sit all day or sit in the same place all day; yet we consume the same amount of calories. Do you think you need to practice at any time? Not if you have regular daily tasks, for example, when you have been sawn for hours or the straw with your bare hands most of the day.

Some Americans who are in shape today are those who are replacing excess calories. Is it a sacrifice that it takes some time from the day to actually practice something? I do not think so, especially if we have a long hard day's rest, we'll go home to sit still while watching TV.

The reason you eat too much calories leads to overweight. Overweight causes serious health problems. The cause of health problems results in shorter life. Does that make sense to anyone?

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