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Nutrition is the ability of every human being to consume foods and the use of food ingredients to fuel and improve fuel. All human beings need good nutrition to be hailing and healthy. Increasing the number of lightly eaten foods makes people sick and healthier. Nutrition is a diet that is concerned with diet, physical health, disease and health risks. Nutrition is very important for every individual to maintain good physique and be healthy without any deficiencies. Nutritional deficiencies, food imbalances may harm your body's health and certainly lead to diseases such as obesity and some bone disease such as osteoporosis and scurvy. This is also a problem for psychological problems.

We get food from a variety of foods. We eat a daily variety of foods rich in rich nutrients. The food we eat will help our bodies in fast and enthusiastic work. The food we eat is made with various nutrients. There are six main nutrients, these nutrients include fats, proteins, carbohydrates, minerals, vitamins and water. If the Human Being can not absorb all of the aforementioned nutrients that are essential to their body, then so-called malnutrition. If someone suffers from malnutrition, they have a lot of chances of suffering from various diseases, and this can endanger the functions of their body, such as the brain, reduce vision, internal and external organs, height, weight and structure of the body. the baby if the baby is in the mother's womb.

It is very important for everyone to eat basic nutrients in their daily diet in order to maintain and build on the active and healthy functioning of the body. Poor health and inactive functions are caused by unbalanced nutrients, nutritional deficiencies. This shortage reduces the body's function, reduces body function and makes the body lazy and inactive. It will never allow the body to play an active role and work well. Feeding is very important for improving and maximizing sports performance. Athletes and athletes, of course, need proteins and nutrition as compared to a normal working person. This can only be eliminated if a person takes a great nutrition and a balanced diet.

Many developed and developed countries suffer from various diseases such as heart disease, cancer, obesity and diabetes. All of these diseases are caused by inappropriate planting of food. People are less important for food. The more and more nutritious food you eat and the more you live. People need to satisfy balanced foods, good proteins, vitamins and nutrients. Intake of nutritious meals never gives any form of disease to enter the body. Eat healthy nourishing foods to be hardened and healthy and to have a carefree life

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