Nutrition – What has changed on your record over the past 100 years?

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The people around you are following you as you think. You're not alone. Did you wonder why this is happening? Are you a relatively new trend or do you think something is going on? What has changed in the last generation that this phenomenon takes our lives? I am astonished at what is happening to me and why. Nutrition is so important that we have to stand and say: wait a minute, something bad?

Nutrition – which has changed over the past 100 years on the plate – so important that you have to stand and listen.

  1. Why are we the only species on earth that cooks their food?
  2. What do we consume now, like 100 years ago?
  3. Why are they getting thicker?

The meal can only survive. No species can live without food.

  1. Why are we the only species who cook food, not because we are the only ones who use heat. Many animals use heat to help make their foods more digestible. The squirrel only gets his raw mother when he knocks after slaughter. The animals instinctively know if the food is ready to be. Do not use fire like we do, we'll ever wonder why are we?
  2. We've eaten more processed foods then made 100 years ago and are getting fat and fat. Something says I need to learn why? Consuming raw food is an exception, instead of the rule.
  3. Why did we ever follow our ever-changing lifestyle? There is nothing wrong with the way we live, as long as we take the time to nurture ourselves and care for our children better. Obesity is a lack of knowledge and a weak example of our companions. We need to look at what other species make healthier and longer lives than we do.

    Consumption of raw fruits and vegetables is the best natural source of naturally grown foods. I am very glad that I have decided to stop and listen, and I understand why I followed it. My friend must do the same today.


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