Nutrition – Some nutrition facts and signs of food shortages

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Do you know the lack of nutrition? This may be the question that most people are worried but can not answer. It is a fact that our body sends signals if we do not have enough food; so it's good to know these signs and what they mean.

Bleeding gum and skin ecchymosis

Probably due to the lack of vitamin C, you should consume more fresh fruit and vegetables a day; it is best to have about 500 grams of vegetables and 2-3 fruits a day. Since cooking may damage nutrition and the enzyme, ideally use these vegetables as salad. Some Vitamin C contains rich vegetables with peas, cabbage and green paprika. Fruits with high vitamin C include orange, lemon, strawberry and melon.

Hot mouth and lips

Probably the result of lack of vitamin B2 and B3. Chicken egg yolks and milk are rich in B2. It is ideal to drink 250 ml of milk and get 1 eggshell per day. Mushrooms and nuts are rich in B3

Descending Tastes

The lack of zinc may be the main reason. Take more apples, eggs, tofu, soybeans, cabbage, peanuts and nuts.

Hairy hair, hair loss, bruising, muscular atrophy

. calorie. When it comes to the aforementioned hair problems, it means that the body lacks protein, calories, fatty acids and zinc. Take More Sea Water, Eggs and Milk

Glossitis – Language Diseases

Not enough vitamin B complex can be the trigger. Vitamins B, B1, B2, B3, B4, B5, B6, B10, B11, B12, B13, B15, B17, Bc, Bt and Bx contain various vitamins. Some examples of vitamin B complex food sources: whole grain cereals, brown rice, green leafy vegetables, potatoes and peanuts

Dried skin and weak night vision

The main reason is due to inadequate vitamin A. carrots. Because vitamin A is soluble in the oil but not in water, it is an amazing fact that frying the pumpkin with vegetable oil will make vitamin A easier to absorb into the body than raw carrots.

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